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Feb 3, 2011

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Portsmouth, OH

anyone know brandy estep?

I will leave my name, it's Bailey, and honestly b**ch u need 2 get ur s**t 2gether. Ur how old, 20-21 n u act like ur 2! Stop puttin needles n ur arms, stop lettin low life fu*ks touch ur babies, they don't deserve it, n btw ur not gna do sh*t so quit tryna b big!  (Jul 14, 2012 | post #5)

Portsmouth, OH

what do u know/think of destiny bailey?

thank u amber  (Jul 14, 2012 | post #4)

Portsmouth, VA

A few to look out for!!!!!!!!

yeah, what company. more like plagues!  (Jul 14, 2012 | post #3)

Portsmouth, VA

A few to look out for!!!!!!!!

There r specifically three women in the Ohio area to either keep ur eye on or look out 4 altogether. 1. Erica Seagraves- She's blond and pretty, but underneath that she's a manipulative, snobby, loose little bitch. She'll run her mouth at the slightest thought that there might b sumthing she can get out of it. The only time she ever does anything, good or bad, is when she's getting sumthin out of it. You want to look out for her for the following reasons: she's loose, she has a well hidden vaginal odor, she's a snob, she'll steal ur bf's or husbands, and she's been known to carry four too many STD's. 2. Brandy Estepp- Even though she thinks she's all that, she's really just all gross. She has horrible breath, she's fat and she thinks she can run you when in reality when u run her, she makes it seem like she's the winner. That's right she'll lose the fight, but everyone else will think she won just because she says so. She is another one that'll steal ur man and she's been known to go to orgy parties and masturbate with screw drivers. EW! 3. Terri Allen- I could say so much about this whore. She tried to jump me, good luck that was for her. She came up on me and punched me in the face and the only reason the brave bitch did it was because she knew that I wouldn't touch her due to her unproven "pregnancy ". Though at the time she didn't have to prove it because I wasn't going to take that chance. When she was on top of me, I could smell her BO and her crotch was stanky too. She's ugly and retarded and a little pussy bitch. Keep ur eyes out for her because she's two-faced. She'll act like she's gonna do sumthin when she has her friends around, but when she's by herself she's all, "I don't want to fight you, I wanna be ur friend, please don't hit me!"  (Feb 3, 2011 | post #1)

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