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Aug 6, 2010

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Farmville, VA

Farmville Mystery Game

Does anyone know all of the prized that are available in the mystery game? I want to play before the game is over in three days, but I am a little leary. 20FV, not knowing what the available prizes are, not so sure. Anyone with information please let me know.  (Aug 6, 2010 | post #1)

Farmville, VA

help!!!!!!!!!! im not getting any game feed on farmville....

I have the answer you need. To get you feed back, go to the neighbors page, you have to remove one of your neighbors. Once removed send them a neighbor request again. Once they accept your request you will get your feed back, so make sure it is someone who will accept right away. This happened to me so I know this works. Let me know how you make out, good luck, but you won't need it, this really works.  (Aug 6, 2010 | post #4)

Farmville, VA

Crafting Building

Hey Jennifer, yes you need people to come buy them from you. When people buy them from you they can use them to get gas. You can also get ribbons for buying and selling a certain ammount of goods. I like to buy items from others so they will come back and buy from mine, because when people do buy from you it helps to gain levels on those goods that were sold. Do you follow?  (Aug 6, 2010 | post #4)