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May 17, 2012

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Breast Cancer

beat cancer with mangosteen peel juice even in stadium 4

Thank you for your response to the article that I posted to Topix. But I'm not bragging and everything I write is an experience in our country and we documented. Stage 4 cancer that we encountered in patients with completely rotten and maggot issue. If you need proof I can send pictures directly to your e-mail. Please contact me directly to setyawan_jody at rocketmail dot com And I'm not talking product, but the science and scientific findings. Based on the results of the laboratory, each 100 grams of mangosteen peel juice contains over 17,000 ORAC antioxidant called xanthone which kill cancer cells. That's a scientific fact!  (May 18, 2012 | post #3)

Breast Cancer

beat cancer with mangosteen peel juice even in stadium 4

In My Country, cancer can be cured with the mangosteen peel fruit extract. Because it contains over 17,000 ORAC antioxidants name Xanthone who is needed to kill cancer cells. Trivial but effective and cheap. If you are interested please try. The majority of cancer patients seeking treatment is stage 4 cancer patients who only have 6-8 weeks to live, and mangosteen peel juice that could give a second life. I have an experience of the healing process stage 4 breast cancer. .Breast conditions are starting to rot, removing fluids and maggots, doctors have given up and is expected to only have 6-8 weeks to survive. A friend told to eat the extracts of mangosteen peel juice on a regular basis. After 14 days of taking mangosteen peel juice, cancer begin to dry and the grubs out in large quantities in a dying condition. For 14 days, the cancer patient complained of pain unusual (possibly due to the death of cancer cells and maggots in the breast). after 45 days drinking the mangosteen peel juice on a regular basis , the doctor's diagnosis of cancer cells showed a decreased number of very significant. Today, 90 days after drinking the mangosteen peel juice on a regular basis, the patient had recovered 80% and still continue to consume mangosteen peel juice. Not only for breast cancer, mangosteen peel juice is also believed to kill cancer cells whatever. Just easy, inexpensive, and effective way to recover it?  (May 17, 2012 | post #1)