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Mar 5, 2012

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Cape Girardeau, MO

2016 Primary Schedule

Bernie is going to win it....sorry to break it to you like this....  (Feb 22, 2016 | post #10)

Cape Girardeau, MO

Jesus Christ, the Son of God

http://www.dailyma ch/article-2776194 /Jesus-never-exist ed-Writer-finds-no -mention-Christ-12 6-historical-texts -says-mythical-cha racter.html http://www.alterne sons-suspect-jesus -never-existed  (May 8, 2015 | post #3)

Cape Girardeau, MO

holly brantley

Holly is a wonderful person. She is a person just like every one else. Some days she has good days, some days bad. but the fact of the matter is. she is a human being. Why cant you people find something better to do with your words. maybe try encouraging people, lift them up, help them achieve the greatness that we ALL are capable of.  (Oct 18, 2014 | post #5)

Cape Girardeau, MO

Why do black people stink so bad?

Maybe the problem is the load of shit on your upper lip.  (Oct 6, 2014 | post #51)

Cape Girardeau, MO

Do not go to Cup 'n' Cork

i have been going to cup n cork for years. I enjoyed going there so much i started working there. they are AMAZING people that work there. I get paid and i get LOTS of tips. They are a locally owed business. I have no problem getting my check a few days late if they would have to pay utilities or a distributor to keep the business running. But we will always get paid.  (Oct 6, 2014 | post #5)

Cape Girardeau, MO

Cape Girardeau committee researching solar road panels

with that kind of thinking...You are the reason why we cant have nice things!  (Jul 9, 2014 | post #2)

Cape Girardeau, MO

seth reeves

Seth Reeves is a really kewl guy....even if he doesnt do the weather anymore....still a helluva guy  (Apr 15, 2014 | post #49)

Cape Girardeau, MO

Any PS3 owners here??

Infamousbob666 on PS3 network play GTA 5 ALOT  (Mar 20, 2014 | post #6)

Longmont, CO

Moving to the "Promised Land"

Im a licensed massage therapist and my girlfriend is going thru the education to become a birthing Doula. She works full time at a very nice job and has the opportunity to transfew to the longmont store. We are going to be moving the first week of august (99% sure) but we need to find me some work to add to the "family" household. GF's sister (early 20s) will be moving with us. She is a great server/hostess and wont have any problem finding a job. We would like to find a 2-3 bedroom house or apartment to rent for the first year before we invest money into property. Any advice or suggestions anyone may have of what areas to look at for rental property that accepts kitty cats. thanks for listening...hopefu lly we can meet some awesome people to hang out with and get to know thru this...  (Jun 21, 2013 | post #1)

Cape Girardeau, MO

Nitosha Ozment

Look...You all on here have obviously got nothing else better than to bash other people...there is an old saying that goes "believe have of what you see, AND NONE of what you hear"...all your negative words WILL eventually come back to you...3 fold...passing judgement on someone just because you dont like your OWN life, does NOT solve any problems. Why not look at your own life and try to make it better, instead of trying to make yourself feel better by bad mouthing others...sometimes the best course of action...shut your mouth...but then again, that would be the mature thing to do, and it is obvious, that NONE of you that bash others on here are very mature at fact, i would say i know more 14 year olds thats act more mature than this...  (Jan 2, 2013 | post #23)

Cape Girardeau, MO

Nitosha Ozment

Just throwing this out there...How about this...GET OFF YOUR HIGH HORSE AND DO SOMETHING IN THIS WORLD THAT MATTERS!!! Talking about someone or calling DFS on someone is a disgusting use of bout this...WHY NOT HELP HER find a job, be an example of what you are suppose to be as a mother...instead of judging someone and casting stones why not look at yourself and see what YOU CAN DO to improve yourself and the people around you...and you wanna talk about tax dollars getting wasted...please... the department of family resources is 1 of the biggest waste of tax dollars there is...not saying it isnt a good program, but it desperatly need overhauled...the fact is...everyone wants to POINT a finger and say "that low life so and so" well, all you are doing is making the situation worse...being a negative detriment is so much worse that trying to be a positive influence...maybe she has never been shown the proper way to live her life, maybe you should try and be an example instead of a judge...  (Dec 7, 2012 | post #14)

Cape Girardeau, MO

Massage Therapist

i offer my first time clients a 1 hour therapeutic massage for $30... 5733320281 my wife and i own the rose water spa inside the rose bed inn on south sprigg  (Jul 4, 2012 | post #10)