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Dec 28, 2012

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Isn't Soccer like one of the Stupidest sports EVER??

I mean seriously, I hate how SoccerFags always have to be like "Soccer is the best sport ever!!!1!!11!!! And they say American Football is gay and they wear padding and shit but at least we have muscles unlike those little Soccer wimps! Seriously. Soccer players are such little f*cking princess butthurt prisses that deserve to be punched in their little balls. American Football FTW!!! SoccerFags can SMD and GTFO. LMFAO, I bet there's gonna be a lot of butthurt Soccer fans at this post saying bullsh** like "Soccer is the most well liked sports in the world" and "Soccer players work harder". Well if you like S0ccer then stay out of this thread.  (Jul 21, 2013 | post #1)

Wyncote, PA

This girl farted in my face and laughed?

So I was talkin to my friend Mike and we waz bein real funny and loud. Then this hot chick Brinley that I got a huge mega crush on walked by with her hot friend Caroline and her average lookin friend Tarasha and her ugly friend Michelle. So Me, Mike, and ma main bronies Ryan and Jake walked up to the girls and we chatted with 'em. Caroline touched my hair and she told me I looked hot today and Brinley was squeezing my tight butt in a really hot way and it got me hard and I started to ejaculate a little bit. Brinley started flirting with us and she hugged me and rubbed her boobs on me and I was getting really hard. Then, Caroline started to cat silly. First, she burped really loudly in my face and it smelled like fresh-from-the-del i salami. But then Caroline grabbed my hand turned around and shook her booty in my face. At first it turned me on because she has a really nice booty and she was wearing really short white booty shorts, and then she farted. All the fantasies, and turn ons, even the sexiness of her tight azz faded after she farted. It was sooooooooooo disgusting and smelly and her and Brinley and Tarasha and Michelle were cracking up. Ryan was saying ewwwwww really loudly. Jake almost threw up. Mike was holding his nose and I gagged. it smelled like rotten cheese and dirty gym socks baked in the sun for years and then fermented in alcohol and cod liver oil! it stank so bad. Caroline was cracking up and she just said "aww you look so cute when you're disgusted!" I was disgusted. Very disgusted. I haven't talked to her since then. And it's a shame because she was so f*cking hot. I really had a crush on her too. My friends and I wanna hook up with her and Brinley again but we just can't see past that fart. She's really hot and has the hottest body ever, but every time I look at her, and even think about her, that nasty fart comes to my mind.  (Dec 29, 2012 | post #1)