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Aug 11, 2009

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Mount Vernon, MO

Lawwrence County Jail

Amazing on KTTS this morning they quoted the presiding commissioner saying "they're nearly finished with cleaning up mold, fencing and painting but the heavy equipment hasn't been put in. If everything works perfectly it could be two months but if they run into snags, it could take until the first of the year". In all these articles the commisisoners blame the prisioners but I don't think the prisioners are responsible for "mold", it goes to show the lack of ability of the county commissioners to administer and run a county like it should be ran. It's okay to sit with your head in the sand until something happens like this. They have zero capability of making decisions and doing upkeep and maintenance, just go look at the health department, the old courthouse and obiviously the jail. Unbelievable!  (Aug 27, 2009 | post #1)

Lawrence County, MO

Sheriff looking at what's next for Lawrence Co. jail

Interesting how the sheriff doesn't want to point fingers, the only finger pointing he should be doing is at the county commissioners, Goodman, Barnes and Ruscha, who just sat by for years and years and years and refused to do any sort of maintenance not only on the jail but on the courthouse itself. Where is all the money the commissioners cornhole away by not spending any of it, now it is going to costs them, or the taxpayers, a fortune to fix it. Boy they sure are smart ones over there aren't they, plain ole rocket scientist! They put the cheapest possible furniture and fixtures in the new courthouse which will probably have to be replaced within the year if not already!  (Aug 13, 2009 | post #1)

Mount Vernon, MO

Jail Closing is because of irresponsible County Commissio...

We can spend thousands of tax payers dollars on the canon in front of the courthouse but we can't do preventive maintenance? Maybe the commisisoners can recommend a good "handy man" a/k/a the commissioners relative who refurbished the canon in front of the courthouse, lets keep it in the family! If the sheriff is waiting for the commissioners to make a decision good luck with that one! What a joke! As for the architect comment, whats that supposed to mean, we need to blame those responsible and quit trying to shift the focus. Ruscha and Barnes have spent years and years and years in office and they haven't fixed anything, in fact they would rather sit on the money and let the building fall down around them rather than spend a penny - actions speak louder than words or i.e., campaign promises. I would think with all that money sitting in the bank that should have been spent on maintenance and upkeep could almost pay for a new jail. What do they care, they are at retirement age, in fact, Ruscha decided just a few years ago that he was done with public service and retired with a big retirement party and all the bells and whistles and now look, he's back, just in time to take the blame for all his years in office of doing nothing - out of the frying pan and into the fire. Can we really afford commissioners like this - - they are a dime a dozen?  (Aug 11, 2009 | post #3)