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Jun 13, 2011

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Oklahoma City, OK

OG&E smart meter is BAD for your health!

Quote "a sun burn [sic] is more dangerous than these smart meters..." - A single-event sunburn is NOT more dangerous than 10 years of living 3 ft. away from a cluster of 16 (or more) "smart" i.e. TRANSMITTING meters on the other side of an apartment wall. Gee, I guess you didn't *THINK* of that. Quote "Earth has the strongest electromagnetic waves on the planet to deflect harmful space radiation." - It's not "waves" it's a field - and the field is not vibrating at 1ghz, 4ghz, 10ghz etc. LIKE CELL PHONES AND "SMART" METERS ARE. Quote "Are humans dying after 2 million years?" - Irrelevant, exaggerated, deflecting (poor attempt) statement. Quote "you will have the right [sic] "opt" out.." - No one has been given the "right" to opt-out of a smart meter cluster of 16 “smart” meters transmitting almost constantly right on the other side of their apartment wall when they can't afford to move. Even if they did move, someone ELSE would be exposed to harmful cumulative levels of radiation. Quote "Stop using ur [sic] cell phone and then come talk." - The pronunciation of "UR" is ambiguous. Ever hear of UR-uguay? - a country located in South America? People who use "UR" on blogs are just plain lazy. Quote "Stop using ur [sic] cell phone and then come talk." - Yes, a person can turn their cell phone off. No one can turn off the “smart” i.e. TRANSMITTING WIRELESS meters off. Especially if you're on the other side of the wall of a cluster of "smart" i.e. TRANSMITTING meters. The whole "smart" i.e. transmitting meter concept was a secretive, under-the-table, keep the “wireless” aspect quiet, best-case design not a worst-case design and THAT makes it dangerous. Quote "Physicist " Cough.  (Jun 13, 2011 | post #17)