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Aug 16, 2011

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Maury County, TN

Animal Emergency Clinic of Columbia.... OUR WORSE NIGHTMA...

Sorry it is suppose to be ANIMAL EMERGENCY CLINIC OF MAURY COUNTY.......  (Aug 16, 2011 | post #2)

Maury County, TN

Animal Emergency Clinic of Columbia.... OUR WORSE NIGHTMA...

Our terrible ordeal the night we will never forget as long as we live. Called them first said be prepared to pay $70 up front. Understood that. We rushed Seme our English Bulldog, over there. Our vet was out of town. We lived out of town Took our seme over there. wee hours of the morning. On June 25 2011. He was in some kind of respiratory distress. We thought it was an allergic reaction to something. He had already had benedryl at home. The nurse came in an listened and then the vet. Then came in with a paper stating how much would cost. We agreed to pay it! Told them to help him. Gave him a shot of atropine and steroid ( I think) I asked the vet if it could speed up the heart rate he said it could. Seme had some water. our vet suggested Xrays. They took seme for xrays. we could hear him breathing it was awful then dead silence. Then the nurse came in said xrays too stressful. He had a cardiac arrest. Well dang why did you do them then? There the professionals. We went in there the vet could not revive him. It was horrible. later the vet told me that Seme did not want the xrays done. But, never tried to hurt them. Well he should have listened to him. Seme was afraid, He knew something was not right. You don't even put a human being on their back in distress! If they had incubated him first, or did the xrays another way. He may still be here. The pain of this loss. Has almost killed me. I don't want this to happen to someone else's pet. please be careful and ask more questions. I will always feel guilty for not going back there with him. plus i don't know if they have the paddles, to use on the heart for the animals or not. The vet there said xrays revealed congential defect? that he was in congested heart failure. If that was the case. They should have heard rails and gave him lasix. We brought our poor Seme home gone. The most awful thing for someone to go thru. Plus the suffering he most have felt. Can you imagine what he must have felt suffocating to breathe. it just tears me up all to pieces. I pray that he was not afraid, that he knew we loved him and God took him home peacefully. Our vet here said he believed that seme coded because he could not breathe. He did not see any heart issues on xrays. Seme was well taken care of. Saw a regular vet all the time. I feel robbed that Mr. Seme could have lived a little while longer with his family. I never thought of them doing autopsy on him. When they lose a pet there, it should be mandatory. But, they should have. or even done blood test to see what was in his blood stream. It's too late now for this to have been done. Mr."SEME " Seminole Ocola Beatty. 11/06/2003-06/25/2 011. Our poor cat now stays outside all the time. She was a little mother to him. Our other dog outside has had a rough time too! We all have Please, remember us in your prayers. Thanks for taking the time to read this.  (Aug 16, 2011 | post #1)