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Oct 20, 2013

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Belfry, KY

scrape metal for free

How could I message u I'm new at this and not sure how to do anything yet  (Nov 16, 2013 | post #8)

Belfry, KY

scrape metal for free

Please contact me send me a message and I will send u my info! I will gladly take any that you give thanks  (Nov 14, 2013 | post #6)

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Jerry Maynard the drug supplier of Martin coun

Anyone know this piece of crap s.o.b? Well if not I'll inform you bring you up to speed a little bit he's in his 60s or so and he lives at the mouth of Martin county and yes you can say he's supplies all the pill heads up and down the Martin county road. It your missing anything that where it would be! Aside from selling roxy 30's 15s and Xanax and weed he also buys and sells anything stolen as long as he can make a dollar! Any where's from electronics down to cars to even coins! I'm pissed and I'm enforcing everyone of this drug dealing money hungry scumbag because he sold a 30 to my child for 40 dollars and I will not stand for it he is a young boy and has so much he can do with his life other than drugs! Yes it's my sons fault to for buying them but as long as we can keep these dealers off the streets we will live in a much safer place!!! And for the little Pill runnin whore Samantha casto of Martin county ky that got the dope for my son you will go down to! She just lives two house up from JErry Maynard and is his little runner so you can say she runs and sells his dope for him too.. Just another junky, a sorry excuse if you ask me! Samantha casto is nothing but a needle junky "fact" she has two beautiful children "young" and sells her foodstamps lies and steals just to feed her drug habit. Takes food fringed kids mouths and drags them out all hours of thenight and day cold,rain, 100 degrees it don't matter cause allshe thinks about is shooting up another pill in her arm or hand! She will even shoot up in front of her kids while they are crying for food or a bath but all she does is nod out and spend her only money on dope!! And to mention the father of her kids is busting his ass working to support them out of town while she liesto himand spend the couple hundred dollars he sends her a week for the kids on dope and like that ain't enough for the trashy whore she FUCKS good ol Jerry maynard for dope cus he has the supply and she has the pussy like who would want it maybe if thenasty ass would ever shower. Hahahaha... JErry maynard always has pills and is always fucking somebody over orfucking them period so I guess he just thinks he's on top but not for long!!!! It's trash like him and Samantha that deserves to rot and lose everything what would it matter it's all about getting high to them plus its us hard working individuals that he takes from to buy his dope and whores with anyways  (Oct 20, 2013 | post #1)

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