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Jun 20, 2010

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I think my son is gay, what should I do?

Thanks Belle for the FYI. I hit quite a few forums each with their own little quirks and such and often one doesn't learn until it is too late..especially hate forums where one cannot edit after posting. Didn't even think of my 'quote' of his remarks remaining even though his remarks will be ToS'd. And even replying to your comment only gives a chance for folks who just LOVE to get points and such. I've never really wrapped my mind around the whole idea of earning respect points for offering advice and opinions, etc. Judge and all that but as we see quite often people will just say "I agree" and move on - working so hard to get their numbers higher. I guess self esteem in a social media society will be built upon thumbs, follows and faves? Good care to you and again, thanks. Will remember for the revisits here and there as the only thing harder than learning each site's quirks is REMEMBERING the different forums we belong to.... [Henry Ford rolls in his grave giving Thumbs Up to my commentary]  (Jun 20, 2015 | post #292)

Cincinnati, OH

Gay Marriage - Cincinnati, OH

And just how DID those state 'become' gay rights states? I'm not moving, will be with you for quite some time neighbor and one day, so to will Ohio be a Civil Union state for gay people. Hope God blesses you Pops and by the way, great reply, very pithy and intelligent without being mean, racy, or other options so many choose in this topic so many become divisive over. 99% of my life is spent working and out in the world. 15 minutes one time a year if lucky at my age I don't think will bother too many. Besides, my wretched heart cannot handle it anyway. LOL. Again, well spoken, thanks for reply and correction! Blessings & Good Care, Sean Masters, M.D.  (Jan 24, 2013 | post #108)

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is masturbation good for health.

Just to enrich everyone's education as it regards the Bible and masturbation, it does speak of it but only in one regard. God tells Onan, whose brother dies, to take over the 'duties' of his brother, a rite carried on well into the 19th century and in some places later and even still today I am sure. It is considered a brother's duty if un-married to marry his fallen brother's wife, become father to any children born, and to further propogation of child bearing. In this case with Onan, he DID go unto his brother's wife but at the last moment, did not remain IN while he 'spread his seed'. He questioned God's command to take over the role and to procreate with his new wife. His punishment for pulling out was DEATH. This is the main mention regarding masturbation as it regards the Bible. So unless u are faced with something similar, I wouldn't worry too much about it. And this also leads us to why many people who choose a life of abstinence of sex with any other person, and to only masturbate to be a life of "Onan-ism ". A little trivia for you out there who know who Morrissey is, he once proclaimed, more than once I should say to be an 'Onanist' finding sex boring. Just thought I'd add that one. 8) - All true! So have fun, be careful, and as an added note, when you find yourself out wanting to have sex and trying to choose between condom, pulling out, abstaining from sex, give mutual masturbation a try. It is thrilling to kiss another, naked in bed with no gential penetration at all. It is wonderfully sensual and you can go for hours and repeat as often as you life without fearing disease, babies and all the other traps of the dangerous act of sex. I find it awesome. My fave game is to say "I will do whatever you hand does" my case I'm gay so it turns out a little different, but I'm sure it can be just as fun in a straight sex coupling. - Also I might add as well, sensuality has been forgotten. Alone or with another masturbating, just the sheer touching of another, lightly touching all over, caressing, and stroking, massaging, leading up for as i said before for more than an hour to actual climax is wonderful. From there you can where you like, after you lay back, and hold each other a bit, grab some grapes and other fruits, etc., and start all over. Hope you like my suggestions...I've had many years with girls and guys perfecting the science of the sex act and you might find even those of you who are well experienced to step back and try something new. Can't Hurt can it? Good Luck, Good Care, Be Well!! Sean aka mediagod2004 if u wanna ask me anything directly - i prefer those newer to sex, younger and so forth who really need direction and i've much more advice for dudes but since i was bi for quite a while and now gay, i got to get quite a lot of inside info from both sides and still to this day am relied on by many friends for marital and sexual advice and have even been asked by friends to have 'the talk' with their sons. Go figure. They know I will not steer them and will leave it open and let the kid lead, etc. Not a perv. Just sexually, sensually, mentally, religiously healthy in most eyes and consider myself to be somewhat a quality person. So as I said, most on internet know me as mediagod2004 and i use Yahoo and Gmail mail - not hard to figure out how to hit me up directly -but please, only serious folks who really need advice. The rest will be blocked. And not a perv, so don't bait me. Well, take that back I am a perv, but tend to stay within the law as jail just doesn't seem to fit my goals and working for the government and all. Cheers! Hope to hear from anyone who needs starter advice, will do my best. Sean Masters Ohio, USA  (Jan 24, 2013 | post #264)

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Use to like The Dock but now and before too haughty, it's like High School there, no good Gay Bars as I know anyway. Coinshops are fun.

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No organization that would have me. (Groucho Marx)

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I'm in my Gmail, on YouTube dloading vids, online educataional sites on the law and medicine as well as other topics. I like to learn and teach.

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I am insightful, funny, honest and open and fair.

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Medicine, Law, TV, Movies. I enjoy the ever mysterious thoughts of humans on sex and/or religion.Sociology, Culture, Psychology.

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Friends I've not talked to and wish I could hug. Having good clean sex with a cute young guy. Making some $ if I had the $ to invest in my ideas.

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God, Mom, the idea of a nation of free people, Free Will, Liberty without restriction except where another's liberty would be hindered.