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Dec 7, 2008

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Mays Landing, NJ

warlocks mc

I'm not a biker, but I knew Roger a little bit. At least, I think it's the Roger you're referring to. Big dude, sleeve tats, but I know that describes a lot of MC dudes. He lived off of Long Lane with a chick named Nancy. Littlecroft Rd., near Clinton Rd, if you're familiar with Upper Darby. He used to come in a bar called Lennon's, on the Lane, by the little roped off triangle of grass, with the big granite war memorial on it. Fittingly, it used to be called the Triangle CafĂ©. Roger was cool. Always had some crazy Warlock stories from back in the day. He was in failing health, and pretty mellow then, but I heard he was a real hell-raiser back in the 60's, and 70's, in the early days of the club. I think his condition was just basically due to the lifestyle of hard partying. A girl I knew had tickets to the Philadelphia Auto Show a few years before he passed, and me, her, Roger, and his girl Nancy all went down. We stopped had a few beers before we went in, and checked out the show. It was a good time. I was sorry to hear when he passed. Sadly, Lennon's closed about 3 years ago, after the place went downhill with the clientele getting "dark", like the rest of the neighborhood. Fights, drugs, cops coming every night. The township put pressure on the owner to shut the place down, and he was an old man who didn't need the stress. He died a week after they shut his bar down. Sad, but that's what Upper Darby has become. A ghetto. In fact, all the bars on the Lane have been shut by the township, or voluntarily, by the owners, with exception of Galway's ( called Foster's Hat, way back in the day ), because it's still frequented by old school neighborhood people, that is to say, white people.  (Feb 1, 2017 | post #357)

Upper Darby, PA

Beer & Pizza

See response below.  (Feb 1, 2017 | post #7)

Upper Darby, PA

Upper Darby Tax Dollars At Work

Dave????  (Feb 1, 2017 | post #11)

Upper Darby, PA

Beer & Pizza

See below response.  (Feb 1, 2017 | post #6)

Upper Darby, PA

Upper Darby Tax Dollars At Work

David!!!!!! You still ranting on here? Still work at U.D. Township?  (Jan 25, 2017 | post #8)

Upper Darby, PA

Beer & Pizza

Which one? Hangover (now closed, the Indian [dot, not feather] that owns it opened up Hangover 2 in Havertown, in that building next to McDonalds on West Chester Pike, near Eagle. Still all black, and if you're white, and you walk in there, the bartenders ignore you) used to be Flynn's, on Garrett Rd. The original owner's grandson sold the place, and bought Schaffer's Shanty, at Marshall Rd., and Windermere, and renamed it Tipsy McStagger's, so the two bars are slightly connected.  (Jan 25, 2017 | post #5)

Upper Darby, PA

Upper Darby to vote on name change to "Pale Hell"

Pale Hell????? How about Brown Hell?  (Jan 25, 2017 | post #56)

Upper Darby, PA

Customer throws hot coffee in Wawa employees' faces, laug...

Tsk  (Jan 25, 2017 | post #1)

Drexel Hill, PA

3 men held on abduction, rape, of Philly girl

Stolik?  (Oct 21, 2012 | post #33)

Clifton Heights, PA

Black population

Where the hell is Evergreen in Upper Darby??? Never heard of that street. And where are the "half naked girls"? Or were they just normally dressed girls that looked half naked to you because they didn't have their entire body covered because they were raised in a culture/religion that told them they were inferior, and had to hide themselves from the world, and feel ashamed?  (Oct 18, 2012 | post #1442)

Clifton Heights, PA

Black population

Hansen Ter is off McDade Blvd near the 102 Trolley line. If you don't like U.D. because of the trash that ruined it, then Colingdale isn't for you either. Hopefully you found that out by now.  (Oct 18, 2012 | post #1441)

Clifton Heights, PA

Black population

Where the hell is Evergreen in Upper Darby????  (Oct 18, 2012 | post #1440)

Clifton Heights, PA

Whatever Happened To: Sylvia Seegrist

But AGAIN: It has NOTHING to do with THIS topic. Start your own thread about it if you're so goddamned interested in it.  (Apr 26, 2012 | post #61)

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