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Oct 6, 2013

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creating a new identity

FIRST OFF i want to make it very clear that i am not nor looking to use someone else identity !!! ok i have a very passable birth certificate from my home state with all the security measures built in i compared it to my original birth certificate and you cant tell the difference second i have a very usable /crafted SSN#/CARD with make this clear ( NO ONES ORIGINAL SS# EVER !!! ) third i am looking to go to the dmv so i can get a valid drivers licence with my new identity this new IDENTITY is for driving purposes ONLY !!! see i am banned from driving for life under my original US Birth identity im wondering if there is any insider info that people may provide me with i have hade a friend do this in the past for his self but he passed away a few years ago i would like info as in 1 does the DMV have a specific DATA base they use anything that could help plz AND AGAIN I AM NOT TRYING TO TAKE ANY BODIES IDENTITY THAT IS EVER LIVED OR EVER DIED !!!!!  (Oct 6, 2013 | post #1)