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Apr 7, 2013

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Seattle, WA

Reasons Why Washington State Sucks - Post Them Here!

Number one: Passive aggression. Seattle has some of the most passive aggressive people I've ever had the displeasure to encounter. Number two: Drivers. I stopped driving because I've got to be far too cautious and defensive when I drive here. I love everything else about the Seattle-Area and I've met some great people here. This is definitely home for me. I grew up in New Mexico, moved here when I was 18, and I've lived here for 5+ years. Only reason for the '+' was a nine month stint in Los Angeles, CA. When I was growing up; I lived in Mexico, Texas and Australia. So, out of the six places I've lived; Seattle (Pacific Northwest) is by far the best!  (Apr 7, 2013 | post #154)