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Sep 15, 2012

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Maduraiean Cuisine :) lae

Great selection of ingredients as ever, but email communication is a bit patchy. He's a great and very trustworthy vendor, but I would appreciate some more prompt replies. Fingers crossed that my latest order arrives tomorrow.  (Jul 6, 2014 | post #87)

James Hash, feedback

The lemon haze is fantastic, great smell, loads of crystals and really nice high. One of my favourites from James.  (Nov 2, 2013 | post #120)

James Hash, feedback

I've had three or four orders from James now, weights are always bang on, trackers sent promptly and stuff arrives on time. Great seller.  (Nov 1, 2013 | post #87)

James hash 100% legit

Received my order the next day, very well packaged and I couldn't smell a thing. Very nice bud, great smell, lots of crystals, perfectly cured and nice and strong. Thanks buddy.  (Oct 11, 2013 | post #263)

James hash 100% legit

Order placed, and after looking at the pictures I can't wait for it to arrive. Will post feedback on receipt.  (Oct 8, 2013 | post #218)

Etizolam - Genuine etilaam blister packs

Some feedback on the MD etizolam, just as strong as the normals, they are cherry flavoured and dissolve in seconds. Great product, thanks buddy.  (Aug 3, 2013 | post #1405)

legit-source for all benzos lovers

Just PM him, and to a previous poster all items except opium are sent from Pakistan I believe.  (Aug 3, 2013 | post #1422)

Etizolam - Genuine etilaam blister packs

100 etizolam MD arrived the day after I ordered, top service as per usual. Can't wait to try a few tomorrow night.  (Aug 1, 2013 | post #1402)

Etizolam - Genuine etilaam blister packs

Order placed for 100 etizolam MD as the normal are out of stock. I hope that they match the originals strength wise and will give feedback once I've tried some.  (Jul 30, 2013 | post #1393)

Wiltshire or post.

Sorry to hear about your bad news buddy, my sympathies. I had another meet with Mr GreenSale yesterday which was swift and discrete, a really nice smoke too, very mellow and almost couch lock, perfectly cured also. Thanks.  (Jul 16, 2013 | post #113)


anyone looking for the Rxcreams or JCM Pharmacy websites...

I was a customer of yours, though only have an rxcreams email address which bounces. I wish to email you, but I can't pm a grey account. Pm me with your email please.  (Jul 14, 2013 | post #2)

Etizolam - Genuine etilaam blister packs

Md just means mouth dissovable, though I find the normal ones able to do this quite well.  (Jul 14, 2013 | post #1374)