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Oct 5, 2013

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Nanci Jo Frazer WINS in Court - a Case of Innocent Ignorance

YOUR BANK DOCUMENTS SHOW YOU WIRED YOUR FUNDS 19 DAYS BEFORE... We researched your statement and the documents submitted to Michigan.There are no phone records or email records showing that you had any communications with Nanci Jo Frazer direct, prior to your decision to wire your money overseas. You did however receive GIR Alliance emails but they were 19 days AFTER you made the decision to send your funds to a bank oversees connected to Profitable Sunrise. You are not listed anywhere as being a member of the NJF Global Group nor in Nanci Jo Frazer's personal three levels. You must have been in another group and someone referred you to get support at the NJF Group and you opted into their email system. The current update given to Mrs. Frazer by the authorities is that no funds were released in Hungary and they are safely frozen in the account. There is no guarantee of anything at this point. We also researched Mrs. Frazer's background. She was never in Profit Clicking... she is NOT listed anywhere on the list of 9,000 people who are being sued for making $1000 or more in the Zeek Rewards. She did help copy and paste ads for a friend in Ad Surf daily but never paid them any monies to join. She appears to test and then review many companies to evaluate them for others although not promoting them and that is where the confusion on this has occurred. She has had no complaints from anyone in 30 years until volunteering to help answer questions and train on the Profitable Sunrise website function. The Ohio State documents showed obvious confusion between opening a free "test" website versus promoting something to the public. We do live in a free country and can test something but when we promote it to the public, we need to do so with caution and follow regulations. I hope this helps.  (Jun 7, 2014 | post #14)

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Nanci Jo Frazer WINS in Court - a Case of Innocent Ignorance

We have researched this and learned that all those who donated under $250 were emailed a receipt back in March and April 2013. All those who donated $250 or higher were mailed a hard copy receipt back in March and April and May of 2013. This follows IRS law that $250 must have a hard copy receipt. Their ministry however is not required to send out receipts for amounts under $250 but I found out from a staff member they did it anyway to be sure to be compliant. Hope this helps.  (Jun 7, 2014 | post #13)

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Nanci Jo Frazer WINS in Court - a Case of Innocent Ignorance

The judge ruled in Nanci & David Frazer's favor along with Albert Rosebrock (ministry board members)to release frozen funds. The FBI and the Federal government is categorizing Frazer as having suffered from a case of "innocent ignorance" as she worked for nine months doing customer support for a UK Collateral Loan company. She was accused without proof of cashing in big with millions when the owner disappeared but it appears those accusations were completely false. According to the State of Ohio Complaint and public records, the State of Ohio SEC & Charitable Division acknowledged that the UK Company Profitable Sunrise appeared to be a legitimate business but... it was at all times relevant to them that it was a fraud. Ohio authorities have admitted they have known this since October 2012 and failed to inform the public and especially Nanci Frazer. Frazer had to hear the news from a North Carolina Cease and Desist and she immediately terminated her group from any further participation while out on a boat on vacation on March 6th, 2013. She was asked on February 5th to offer testimony to Ohio but no warning that any danger was in effect was offered until the day after the company closed on March 14th, 2013. A tight group of online individuals have been targeted to be running their own bitcoin scheme- they stole Frazer's image, identity and training videos while she was on vacation and posted them on their websites to drive her group of online followers to their websites and cash in on their own fraud. They harassed Frazer with damaging blogs live and stalked her children on live radio shows. They created false juvenile YouTube videos to discredit her from her team while her son was in critical condition. The last straw was watching Toledo 11 Fox News put her children in harms way by airing a hateful and false, damaging, home made video story from one of the online stalkers- James L Paris is was a convicted criminal for Securities fraud(they never checked out his background). This puts Fox Toledo News to be in position to be turned in to be put under regulators scrutiny and to be liable for a full investigation which connects them to another scam. Frazer was at the wrong place at the wrong time but lawsuits may be her best revenge. Scam Police Insider reporting  (Oct 5, 2013 | post #1)

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