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Mar 11, 2010

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Flowers and Coaches - Spring Recruiting Has Begun!! Spring Break is a perfect time to begin your efforts to get recruited. College coaches are beginning to plan their spring and summer trips, camps, visits to tournaments and exhibitions and you want to make sure they know you exist. Exposure to all college coaches means you get reviewed and recruited. Doing nothing means nothing happens. You have two ways to do this: a) Research every college that sponsors your sport, identify the coach and contact information, determine the division (I, II, III), the conference, the in and out of state tuition and room and board, the enrollment and then the academic requirements admission. Once you have this information, create a profile (your resume), a cover letter, upload and save your videos and stats and then send all of this information individually to each coach at each college, or; b) Use Their site is automated, uses questionnaires to build a profile for you, allows you to upload your videos and stats, has sample cover letters for you to customize and pre-determines which colleges you are most likely to be academically qualified for admission. The whole process takes 1-2 hours, and then allows you to send up to 1,000 letters, profiles, videos and stats to coaches nationwide. You're allowed to update your profile and stats and videos up to eight times and can use the service until you accept a recruiting offer. All for one flat fee. So, either promote yourself or use, but don't wait. Now is the time to tell coaches who you are, what you offer and why you're a greate potential recruit! Sophomores who play soccer, ice hockey and basketball..... send your information too. College coaches are going to want to see you play and compete and this summer would be perfect for them to visit one of your contests. Juniors, this is THE TIME to get the word out. Seniors, there are still recruiting openings, but are behind the eight ball..... sign up now and get your information out this week. Good luck. Remember - do it yourself or use - BUT DO IT SOON!!  (Apr 2, 2010 | post #1)