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Nov 23, 2012

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Hi girls looking for a girl for me I'm bi lost my gf in a crash.  (Jan 1, 2013 | post #189)

McHenry, IL

Jobless rate in McHenry County falls to 7.5 percent

That a good thing?  (Nov 24, 2012 | post #1)

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A new world to start in?

Title Black heart Chapter one The man for Me We all know it wrong to talk to someone we don’t know. Your mom always tell you “never talk to someone you don’t know, they could lie to you.” “Well, she was right, but I didn’t want to give him up.” Rose said talking to her friend. “All I know, “I promise him two things” I said. “All women keep their promise right?” Rose asked walking down the hallway. “If you promise someone would you keep it forever or forget?” Rose asks looking at her. She looks at me and said. “School almost over all you worry about is him.” “Sara, listen he the only one I have with me.” Rose said opening the school door. “I’m dating your best friend and you get an online boy that could be miles away.” Sara said in an angry way. <.>. “But you changed and Tim when I was around then you starts crap up behind my best friend back!” Rose yells. “I try to go back with her.” Sara said blocking the door. “I sight, don’t because you bring in more things into shit.” I said. “Rose let’s not be friends and I’ll tell Tim that too.” Sara said pushing me. “Why, it’s because I’m with Kira?” Rose asks. “Yes, because you kissed Tim.” Sara said sharply. “That because Dave was treating me bad just like you!” Rose yells. Suddenly Sara pushes me into a wall and all I hear is “Sara, let Rose go.” He said. “Oh, Tim we are just having a girl talk.” Sara said lying. “That true princess?” Tim asks. I rub my neck and said. “Like you care about me, you’re with a bitch why you care,” “I’m off now and going to report you to the school!” “Rose, go ahead, like they will help, time you get someone will be gone.” Sara said in a mean way. Tim grabs my hands and I yell! “Let go, HELP” He punches me in the stomach and I passed out. When I got up someone said. “Hay, you’re alright, oh, thank god.” “Who are you?” Rose asks lifting up my head. “Rose you look all freak out, please take a deep breath.” He said. “You should know me; I’m in your math class.” He said. “I just move here” He said wrapping his arms around my waist. “Are you comfortable?” He asks. “Did I miss the bus?” Rose asks taking deep breath. “Wait, I’m in your lap.” Rose said in shock. “Who am I?” He asks. “You’re Ben.” Rose said getting up. “Easy, I won’t hurt you.” Ben said checking my body. “What are you doing?” Rose asks. “Making sure you have no broken bones.” Ben said. “Is Travis with you?” Rose asks. “He had to use the restroom.” Ben said. “You’re not going to slapped me?” Ben asks. “Oh, no, I’m not, I mean your Travis friend.” Rose said. “If I had broken bones, you’ll carry me.” Rose said with a smile. “When will I see him?” Rose asks. “Be in a min.” Ben said as I hear in my ears. “Hay, baby” he wraps his arms around me and I hold his hands. “I didn’t want to see his face, if I was crying. “Rose.” Travis said sweetly. “Please, kiss him.” Ben said sitting on the ground. I quickly turn and hug him; I barely got my arms around him. I slowly say. “I’m always with you, don’t let me go, I need you.” Travis tightly hugs me back and said. “Show me that you need me.” As I move my head up, he bends his knees and kisses me on the lips. I felt that I was flying because he had the best kissed I ever had. I move back but Travis softly grabs me closer to him and I kissed him back on the lips. “Two love bugs.” Ben said. We both “laugh” and I kissed Travis on the lips as we did I hear. “Ya, get some.” “Rose, go all the way!” My friends yell. “How you get here?” Rose asks. “Kira was on my-space.” Travis said. “She told me that you got into a fight.” Travis said. “So I came as soon as I can.” Travis said. “I love you.” Rose said sweetly. “I love you more.” Travis said as he kissed me again. “I just had to make sure you wear not harm.” Travis said looking at me. “You’re so beautiful, where have you been in my life, I can’t live without you.” Travis said kissing me on the lips. I smiles and said. “I’m right beside you.”  (Nov 24, 2012 | post #2)

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A new world to start in?

What would you do if you wear given a second life? I love how I can reach out to the sky and feel the air blow into my hair. One day I was given a gift and I could talk or see my garden spirit. It not like people see them anyway but I was chosen. I could learn what was the name of the garden spirit. I have Sayai and help her into the journey we fight for. Also I know some people who got this power but all you got to do is? It not as easy but trust it and believe you got someone looking after sides your family or friends. So would you believe me if I told you that or go "yea, right?" Your friend : Sayairose  (Nov 23, 2012 | post #1)

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