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Oct 15, 2008

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Cleveland, TN

traffic ticket on keith and 25th

I would suggest appearing in court on the date indicated on the citation, admitting that you were in the wrong, briefly explaining your situation and pleading the mercy of the court. "Everybody does it" really doesn't get you very much mileage, but admitting you goofed and explaining your situation might just get the ticket thrown out. It's worth a shot, anyway ... Best wishes for a positive outcome! smc  (Oct 21, 2008 | post #2)


Church Pastors Dismiss Mental Illness

This is so very sad. I've seen this type of thing happen in my own family, although it wasn't due to seeking a pastor's help but, rather, ministers preaching from the pulpit about how it's all a spiritual issue. I know of more than one family involved in pulpit ministry that used to believe that way but were eventually touched by mental illness themselves and found out the hard way that level of faith, relationship with God, etc. do not prevent mental illness and that it is a physical condition. This mentality has created a crisis of faith for many people and has perpetuated the stigma that often accompanies mental illnes. Additionally, it creates a closed-minded attitude that alienates people from, often, their greatest support network and leaves them alone to deal with one of the most misunderstood and difficult categories of illness that plagues the human race. So sad ... smc  (Oct 17, 2008 | post #1)

Cleveland, TN

Looking for a church ...

Thank you, PoDaddy, you're sweet! I'll try to be around. PPP, thanks for the information and for the willingness to meet us, were you able. I'm so sorry to hear that life has thrown curve-balls your way that have made it difficult to attend. Whatever the difficulty is, I hope you are soon able to rejoin your church family for services. Have a great day!  (Oct 17, 2008 | post #13)

Cleveland, TN

Looking for a church ...

PPP, I agree - this is basically the reason I've broadened my search to such large categories - friendly/welcoming , corporate worship that is unified and focused on God, and a pastor that delivers a cohernent, cohesive, doctrinally sound sermon that has some degree of depth and reaches people regarding what is going on in their day-to-day life. Style really isn't an issue, to be honest. I can accept sitting under a pastor that is stylistically different than I would prefer is his/her preaching is sound and relevant. I can sing hymns or CCM or any combination of this as long as there is a sense of unity and worship focusing the group on God and His goodness. I can take or leave the whole "greeter " phenomenon - if the people of the congregation don't make me feel welcome, then it really doesn't matter. Filling out a visitor's card won't change the people. A lot of folks look at welcoming visitors as "someone else's job." Well, to be honest, if it's a "job" in the mind of most of a congregation to make someone (visitor or otherwise) feel as though they are glad to see them in service and that they would be open to establishing a relationship, then that isn't a place for me and my family. (I could go into a whole other discussion of the "greeter " pheonmeonon, but I won't.) PPP, provided some good suggestions on how to get "plugged in" in a large church. But, like I said before, I'm actually looking for recommendations of specific congregations that folks feel would meet those three broad requirements. Do you feel that your church would be friendly and welcoming or would my family feel like just extra bodies in a pew, completely ignored by the people sitting around us? Is the majority of the congregation usually fully involved in Praise & Worship or does the corporate worship service more closely resemble a concert or talent showcase? Does the pastor preach sound, biblical messages that are relevant to daily life or does he deliver something that is technically sound and masterfully delivered, but lacking in depth and relevance? If you belive your church would be what I'm looking for, would you be willing to tell me which one it is? There are SO many churches of every stripe in this community. I think I could attend a different church every week for five years and still not visit all of them. I've tried hunting the web, calling pastors to ask questions and even opening the phone-book and blindly pointing at the page (along with several other methods). No matter what "method, " it can be very hit and miss, which can be very discouraging. That's why I was really hoping for some local community members that really believe their congregation represents, at least to a large degree, the three qualities I am seeking. Oh, and thank you for your warm welcome. We have actually been in the Cleveland area for over a decade, so we're not particularly new. Shortly after moving to the community, we were a part of a wonderful congregation for several years at one point, but, unfortunately, there were some fairly major shifts in a variety of areas that were disconcerting and we were unable, in good conscience, to continue with that congregation, though we do continue sevaral close relationships with people that still attend/are connected with that church. Thanks, again, for your post, PPP - smc  (Oct 16, 2008 | post #10)

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