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Jul 10, 2010


Sangelia Profile

Q & A with Sangelia


Minneapolis, MN


none of your dang business

Local Favorites:

Mall of America in Bloomington, MN Panda Garden, Carribou Coffee

I Belong To:

my husband

When I'm Not on Topix:

I have a family to be with.

Read This Book:

Out of Sync Child

Favorite Things:

books, creating artwork be it painting, computer or jewelry.

On My Mind:

how do we get folks realize that we with autism see the world from a different point of view than "normals" do.

I Believe In:

not getting rid of Aspergers. because you might get rid of the next Temple Grandin. we aspies/nerds have alot to offer. if only you folks realize that making fun of us is not the way to do it. also, autism does NOT mean retardation. Especially the High Functioning form, which includes Asperger's Syndrome.