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Jan 3, 2008


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Chicago, IL

It's official: Chicago parking meters will be private, pr...

Iz hiz honor now smokin in a motel room? How can someone fix this? These contracts are a done deal. Can we impeach a mayor?  (Dec 8, 2008 | post #34)


Mdj, Bappie & L-des SNEAK around with White Men!

Who would wanna stand in the dark and try to watch YOU fight anyway?  (Dec 2, 2008 | post #67)


T.I. Votes Despite Convicted Felon Status: Rapper casts b...

TI has the right to vote.  (Oct 30, 2008 | post #18)


Jesse Jackson is-----

...JJ said what he felt about the man's speaking.... and although I don't agree with him, well, he feels how he feels.... What I don't agree with is all this apologizing for saying it. I think he should've just manned up, and said "yes that's what I said, it's how I felt, and I still am behind the man, but I just don't agree with this particular thing." Whenever did you have to agree one hundred percent with a person to be on thier side. And all this talk about him wanting to "castrate " Obama,,,,,come on people, that was just a guys way of saying it. Not physically castrating. Let us not act like JJ is supposed to be perfect. And for the question of what does he do...he's a Reverend of the church. Let this one go, we already knew JJ was a sneaky aszh.  (Jul 13, 2008 | post #14)


Why do ppl follow harrasion he has a white wife???

HI !!! I know some people who might question, not who you love, nor how you CAN love that person, but how the words unity, cherish and community are upheld in an IR relationship. This is my ponderance on the can I say I uphold my brothas as the salt of the earth, so to speak, and shout far, wide and loud that we, as a people need to realize that we are not the underside of the coin -- yet when I am at my lowest or my highest I have chosen to join hands with "the other team"? I have chosen, as my world, as my BETTER part (is that not what my husband should be to me, in my heart of hearts?), as the person where my loyalties, even if not my agreement lies, to be a person of another race?.... It would seem to me that once I fall in love, and have a heart/soul connection to that person, then my thoughts and feelings on the subject might have to alter to some degree - some great degree. If not, maybe I don't, or couldn't hold my husband of another race in the highest esteem that I should.....after all, that would make my husband a part of the very thing I am "preaching " about overcoming. In some other words, how do I hold him in the highest esteem, yet as part of the white race, as a whole, see him as so much a part of the problem for my people, who I speak of as being in my highest esteem? Not argueing with you, or attacking your right and, in all probability your natural love for your wife Harrison, but can you cut my thoughts up and tell me how you feel about them without calling me ignorant or trash or troll? I have absolutly no problem with who you are married to or dating, and yes, I do have other things to think about, but I am on this thread and so, thinking about the subject at hand. Isn't that one of the good reasons to come here? To absolutly broaden ones' horizons? And to learn of others' opinions?....  (Jul 13, 2008 | post #148)


My brothers f**k them

..HEY EVERYBODY !!!!! I read all the posts all the time....I see some three or four unsistahs doggin my brothas, and sometimes the real sistas jump in on a brotha in self defense whrn you all forget to add "not all", but I don't see many dissing brothas. what i see is few dissin brothas A LOT. That's why youl think this forum is full of "I hate Black men " women. pay attention to who's saying what. We almost all love youl. I know I do !!!!  (Jul 11, 2008 | post #58)


------- Photos of "the_truth_be_told2006"------- no lie!

hahahahahahahahaha hahahahahahahahaha hahahahahahah ......hahahahahaha hahahahahahah..... hahahahahahahahaha hahahahaha... and I usually see TBT typeing stuff at a rate of about every third post trying to insult everyone!!!! hahahahahahahahah. .....but remember youl, beauty is only skin deep, but still....hahahahah ahahahahahahahahah ahahahahahahahha laughing too hard to even call it lmbao! hahahahahahahahaha ha  (Jun 29, 2008 | post #271)

Chicago, IL

Officer shoots man wielding crutch, Forest View chief says

your reasoning sounds good, except for the thought that the way YOU wrote the story would have been a better story, so I guess if the paper is looking for sensationalism, and something like that had happened, they would wring more out of it than out of making a cop look like a bad guy......  (Jun 29, 2008 | post #489)


BWL's List of Identified Racist Trash...Name Yours

somehow, (and I'm gonna step WAAAY out here on this one), I've missed the post where you mentioned any white trolls....did you mean for this thread to be titled ....BLACK racist trash? I guess trollism is like beauty, in the eye of the beholder...  (Jun 26, 2008 | post #231)


BWL's List of Identified Racist Trash...Name Yours

hey Mami !!!! thought for today : Maybe we have it ALL wrong,,,, maybe this is a BLACK woman, who re-invented herself into a WHITE woman (when this man married her, she was BLACK), had BLACK children, re-invented them into BR children to support her delusion of whiteness.....and what we keep seeing (LMBAO) is actually therapy and chemical therapy at work bringing the BLACK woman back !!! Maybe yay, maybe nay..... l MY bao....  (Jun 26, 2008 | post #230)


Shaq Rips Kobe In Freestyle Rhyme: Ex-Lakers star says it...

nothing is new under the sun.....I agree with everything you say, except for the fact that this is not just in today's society. Marriage has not been so cheapened, it has always been this way, it's just that nobody used to air the dirty laundry, women couldn't readily go get a job to support themselves so the masses put up with it in silence. The only diffrence between then and now, is that that cheated on wife does not have to sit and think her situation is the only situation on the block, leaving her to feel isolated, (and actually BE isolated).....  (Jun 26, 2008 | post #27)


DobyTheDoggy Financial is now open!

In this current economy, I have heard it said that one should NOT bother to put money into lower range CDs. Is this more probably true in you guys' opinions?  (Jun 26, 2008 | post #261)


Let's expose these trolls!!

...why do we take so much stock in trolls?...if person A wants to come on here and speak as personna B, C, and D....who cares? I'll talk to anybody or thier alternate personna who's not too insulting....hello somebody !!!!!  (Jun 21, 2008 | post #1)


Why can't u talk about real issues?

Hi!!! I think, there are trolls, and then there is trollish behavior....if you don't respond to either, you keep a thread rolling. I've been called names in the middle of a seemingly interesting convo.....I either keep going as of the bad shyte isn't there, or I ignore the whole convo, as if it never started.  (Jun 21, 2008 | post #45)


What in the world is a "sistah"?

Actually, I am a black man tired of the excuses from my people! Either they need to stop killing each other while calling each other "brother " and "sistah" , take care of their children without instilling the burdens of the fathers upon the male child's shoulders so that those boys grow to men of valor, and live productive lives, or cease to exist! Noone really cares anymore about the plight of the devolved negroe! THIS IS YOUR QUOTE, the one I was basically talking about when I said stop hating on my Brothas.....and this one : Don't listen to that idiot! I has nothing to do with being "played" and everything to do about the reputation of black men aBROAD that these scallywags continue to bash en masse! Black women apparently have issies with the very types of black men that they lay down with! What they do is fine, as long as it isn't everyone elses problem after the bloody period of euphoria is over, and the guy discards of them like bloody tissue! The very tone of what you say is, to me, not disagreement with what and how some BM do, put it seems to me that you are bashing en masse the Broths who don't think, talk and/or act the way you do. The way you grabbed on my usage of the term hater, and ran away with it, was just an example of the continuing loop you spoke of.... I repeat, they are all my Brothas and Sistas, whether or not I like what they do....whether or not they like it, and you are, too.  (Jun 21, 2008 | post #154)



can't we talk about it....



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