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Jul 28, 2013

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jim carrey tyrannys

You jim are owned outright by the SONY^^^ viacom CBS ABC NBC klroy monoplus,there are NO fed trade law enforcements these day only grand encamped aristes NOT not woned by your control power group of 1%ter`s whom make thier living from war wongering and press control.Strange that after all these years you think that you are not in that group.those storys scripts and arts lifted from sound scan^^^ sony viacom worldwide broadcast satelite network`SS.Ever since anti war anti nuke the system killed off and oovered up howard hughes`s contracts ripped by the texas seven and texas instruments sear CBS sony viacom fox and studio janes like jean peters.You jim have no voice only rewritten ripped off scripts like dumb and dumber daniels an wyne cramm sound scanners in on the encamped killed off by crop duster real artistes whom you conmitted tyrannys on since sam& Dave^^^ vball masons for the kill off cover up.spray paint your self RED and lock your self away as the grave yards are full of covered up killed off^^^ artistes whom you THINK you are part of  (Jul 29, 2013 | post #1)


jim carrey and his tyrannys

Jim is owned outright by the same people whom run the world CBS sony viacom ABC NBC,in other words the worldwide broadcast system ripped off by the one percenters from the national defences.Ever since hoard hughes was forced out and killed off for standing up to MADD vs MADD nukeheads hellbent.The same group killed off and covered up everyone whom fought the arms race and than shifted that sanity unto themselfs for GOP points and goodies.Jims fakeness is based on real artistes encamped by broadcasters on sound scan earth mics and cams every FN where same as since before his time.Everyone I knew was killed off for power takeover and for thier art revamped by jim`s thugie~SS same as the whole wizz bang.His art is based off encamped artistes whoms human rights are violated untill they are glowing in the dark full of microwaves from MURDER INC whom owns jim.Shut up jim your a joke nota working class stiff  (Jul 28, 2013 | post #1)

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jim carrey`s tyranny

jim carrey knows all about tyranny and federal trade law violations as 80% of his incomes are based off of encamped artistes whom his coop ripps off.His lifted and campers rewrites are a total crime ring sony monoplus.His voices are lifted his storys come from earth mic and sound scans of underground artistes encamped by mason broadcaster~SS.Jim you should shut the FUT TUP about human rights as YOU are in the SHADOW group yourself and you base many of your million dollar monoplus sony works off of encampments and kill offs.Spray paintings are as old as your rip offs get over your fake flake self and spy cam and earth mic someone else  (Jul 28, 2013 | post #1)