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Dec 7, 2009

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Rome, NY

Whats Good about Rome?

i dated beautiful italian girl from rome,back-in-the-d ay,she was studying music at crane school @SUNY potsdam(played the cello&i still visualize her staddling that insturment,sigh..) ..i visited rome one summer;she was working at bakery that made great memories of rome r All good..tho prisons provide jobs,they mess w/ a town..the ny state guards union has fronted the fite against changing rockefeller era drug laws-cuz they wanna keep their jobs..sure,everyon e wants to work,but how fk'd up is that?.keeping non-violent offenders behind bars so yu can keep a job is a deal w/ the devil&totally inhumane..wake-up, we need real jobs that make positive difference..educat e not incarcerate!  (Jul 14, 2010 | post #8)

UNICEF commits US$50,000 to Saint Francis Community Devel...

Bravo-sounds like money well-spent!.getting money directly into the hands of the needy familys is so difficult,but very effective..better this than a mega-dam or international highway project..Feed and educate the young and they will delight you in old age..sometimes the simple solutions still work the surprise there.!  (Jun 2, 2010 | post #1)

The Hydro project cost too much and will harm Guyana's ec...

i agree that many large hydro projects r enviromental nightmare..the idea of small,affordable dams does seem to warrant further study..oftimes the mega-projects appeal to international banks and provide profits to international construction corporations..keep ing it small and affordable makes too much common-sense to appeal to the outsized ego that unfortunately decides so many international projects..better to leave the rivers alone that to create gigantic silt&sludge collectors that deny local fauna their trditional spawning&feedi ng grounds..the damage can be immense and the costs can sky-rocket during construction,putti ng your country at the mercy of greedy careful Guyana and look at other national/natural mistakes so you don't repeat them..  (Jun 2, 2010 | post #3)

RUSAL, Brazil company still talking about massive Kurupun...

we enjoyed the benefits of a big hydro project for 40 years-alcoa aluminum,and general motors engine block factory,aluminum castings..they liked the cheap,cheap power,we liked the good jobs.once 3000,4000 men were ,maybe 800...and lots of heavy metal,mercury,pcb' s left behind.River is a mess,fish no good to eat,turtles no good to eat..gonna spend 100 million u.s. dollars and that won't put a dent in the yu clean muck inthe bottom of a big,strong river?.hudson river clean-up isa expensive con-game&won't do shit..once yu let the genie outa the bottle-forgetabout it.! your goose is cooked,but ya bettr no eat it...  (May 24, 2010 | post #1)

Guyana's First Casino Opens in The Princess Hotel Althoug...

if they don't want your money...why be mad about it?..small people that greed grows like tumor in em..i don't wanna share that air&waste my a nasty,money grabbing place that welcomes rich,stupid&na sty people-they be comfortable inna like group so they can admire themselves..makes em nervous be around honest,working folk..i got simple rule:if yu don't know me&yet don't like me-i don't like yu..what be your favorite place in the city-truly-invitin g,fun&comforta ble for all?with music,food,talk and good vibe?  (Mar 29, 2010 | post #14)