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Aug 5, 2013

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Around Jan 7th 2013, my husband and I went to babysit our 3 beautiful grandchildren. The twin girls were 3 months old at the time, our grandson, 15 months Old. My daughter said in confidence that her will is under the computer, leaving her children in our care if anything is to happen to her. They were going (her husband and her) in a week trip out of Canada. She begged me to make sure if something happens to her that I will fight to have and raise our grandchildren. I promised. They came home a week later. On Feb 28th I asked to see my grandchildren. My daughter said no, because "I was yesterday to my therapist and she said that I cannot make decision and that is probably because of you and hence you are a danger to the babies and must not see you them anymore". I asked her a few times via Email to tell me what kind of danger I can be. She did not reply to any of my Emails. Finally she Emailed me with this message’ "stop asking or I will charge you with Criminal Harassment". Then my husband had a hard attack on March 7th. 2013, he was on life support for 10 days. With him, at ICU all the time, I started to have chest pains, went to the Emergency (March 15 2013). Sent our daughter a text to let her know what is happening. She (he) called the police and on March 20th 2013 police arrested me and I got charged with Criminal Harassment (Code 264 in the Criminal Law). After “being processed” and put in a cell at the Police Station, I Signed an undertaking, that I will not contact her anymore and got released. About 17 days later, when my daughter's cousin said that "her and her husband just want to teach you a lesson". I sent her another Email saying that "you have nothing to teach me girl, you put your mama in jail for letting you know that we are in the hospital and for asking what kind of danger I can be to anyone...". Because of this Email I’ve got arrested second time, on April 10th (my daughter’s birth day) while in court for the first charge. This time, I was charged with "Breaking an undertaking", put in shekels, taken to a cell, bail hearing etc. We, my husband and I, were never before in court for anything. Paid our daughter's 2 Universities, she is a lawyer; we lived and worked for our children. On the preliminary hearing, my lawyer advised me to plead guilty (I did sent those Email and I did break my undertaking). The judge discharged the case but with the condition that I must not contact them. Now I have a criminal record, I plead guilty. I would like someone to write a book about this true story, so my grandchildren will know that it was not up to us to be part of their life. There is nothing in the world my husband and I want more, then being part of their life. I know that it is not even my daughter's choice and it is not her who decides these thinks. It is her husband. The motivation, we do not know (we just gave them in October $160,000 to buy a house; we gave them whatever we could especially tones of love). For sure there is more to this true storey (brainwashing, blackmailing, abuse etc). Her husband has a criminal record, we found out lately. Sure, it is hard to understand as she is a lawyer (he is not letting her work), and he is not having even a high school diploma. We would appreciate to deal with an established writer, hopefully a best seller, who is interested in this true story. We could pay and will, part of his/her work but would like the writer to have a stake in the book; I am not sure what the right term, maybe royalty is. We are newcomers, emigrated in 1986. First few years cleaned for a living. After many years of hard work we became RE investors and developers and our net worth is in seven figures, in properties. Please be lenient on my English knowledge but my patients to go to school (ESL) lasted just 3 weeks. Please do not be shy to give me advices. I do appreciate them. Yours, Safta  (Aug 5, 2013 | post #1)