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Mar 18, 2013

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Buffalo, NY

clark hoeza

Found out from 4 different reliable soarses that my Cousins wife is a straight tramp. He married her fast, they'd been friends for years and he took in her three daughters to. She's been messing around with her baby daddy another dude from work and she's forever trying to have three somes when they all chill with friends. At first he said it was hawt with the first threesome but now its be buggin him. eerybody is saying they don't want her around cause she try to do that infront of dem all. They laughing at him saying he cant take care a buisiness cause she on erry ones dik. The gFs & bfs of his friends feel all weird around her cause she be pressin with dem girls and guys. Not only did I find out from mutual friends but this weeken saw a email print screen shot, and text. Plus they been saying their is a video but nobody wants to be the one to show him cause you can see dude shes wit. He wants a family with her and trying to get past things because them kids mean a lot to our family and he's embarrassed as fk of her cause she drinks like a mofo fish and blames it on da allahhalcohol . She influence her younger sista to cheat on her husband and sends pix to both men and woman. I told my moms she said tell him before he gets Aids or something nasty. Should I tell him or some how let him know before things get worse? We love him he's such a wonderful father to them children, they are trying to buy a house soon and have been trying to have a baby to! Wtf! My friends said to post this anonymuslly on here but put the sisters names as a subject or topic that Buffalo talks and the area they from so that someone will tell him but it wont come back to me. I don't want to put his lastname.I'm so mad she has done this to my family, she wants other dudes she needs to let him go for real yo he lost his dad and is all ab out being married and starting a family. riverside hoeza.  (Mar 18, 2013 | post #1)