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Jun 10, 2009

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NEED HELP : Parsing Individuals and their Properties usin...

Hi, need some serious help regarding the parsing of OWL individuals and their properties, infact i've successfully parsed the individuals and their associated properties also, the problem is that i'm not able to get the 'Range' Individuals associated with the Individual property. E.g. in the following piece of OWL file, i'm able to extract the Capital instance "Sydney" as well as its associated properties "hasAccommoda tion" and "hasPart ", BUT i'm NOT able to extract (parse) the respective "Range" Individuals of "hasAccommoda tion" and "hasPart "... i.e. "FourSeasons ", "BondiBeach " and "CurrawongBea ch". Sample OWL file portion: <Capital rdf:ID="Sydne y"> <hasAccommodati on rdf:resource= "#FourSeasons "/> <hasPart rdf:resource= "#BondiBeach "/> <hasPart rdf:resource= "#CurrawongBe ach"/> </Capital> <City rdf:ID="Cairn s"/> </rdf:RDF>  (Jun 10, 2009 | post #1)