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Aug 31, 2012

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Indonesia; The Most Sucks Place I Ever Visited

And to top it all that, their racist bullshit all they care is about their own religion u know the religion that had this screaming ceremony every 6:00 pm it's kinda bug me alot  (Aug 31, 2012 | post #769)

Indonesia; The Most Sucks Place I Ever Visited

HAHAAHAHHAHA your albsoluty true islam is the main source of laizyness corruption they suck islam sucks!!! have u ever seen at least a world wide famous actor taht is islam hell no justin bierber is certenly not islam but here they said he is see they lied i watch that never say never stuff first i thought his hoing to show off stupid stuff but u know what ? he prayed every time he wanted to start the show < and no his not islam he dint pray to what ???<auloh? yes his the same religion as myn i love jesus i know im not suppose to be racis but im just frustrated  (Aug 31, 2012 | post #767)

Indonesia; The Most Sucks Place I Ever Visited

Hell yes and im not proud on where i came from dammit first of all i hate the people they mocked me just because i cant speak on their language well how is it my fault that my father never teaches me Indonesian language instead my father thought me English and never speak indo language for the rest of my life that's a promise i made and they don't agreed with it ":What the hell they cant tell me how to live screw them (Indonesia suck d$%67 the grls are dammed ugly i cant stand to look at them every time i walk by the street this is the worst coutry ever  (Aug 31, 2012 | post #765)