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Jul 30, 2014

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Paradigm 722 pump for sale

Sorry Sharon, but I sold it sometime back & removed the posting. Not sure how you found this. lol  (Jun 25, 2015 | post #11)

Medtronic CGM for Sale - Just purchased 2 weeks ago.

Good morning, saw your recent post. I have CGM sensors available if your interested. Susan  (May 5, 2015 | post #6)

Infusion sets

Good morning, are you still in need of infusion sets? If so, what kind? Susan  (May 5, 2015 | post #20)

Medtronic Quick-Sets MMT-397 For Sale

I will receive a shipment next week and can let you know exactly what I have available. Thanks, Susan  (Mar 7, 2015 | post #105)


Novolog available, 4 sealed boxes exp. 5/16. 3 sealed boxes exp. 8/16. $65.00 each, discount if purchase all. Free shipping US only, paypal.  (Feb 2, 2015 | post #1)

Medtronic Quick-Sets MMT-397 For Sale

Hi, Not sure if you found what you need but I have 1 sealed box MMT-399, 1 sealed box MMT-381, 2 boxes 1.8ML Reservoirs MMT-326A, Novolog and CGM sensors MMT-7008A if needed.  (Feb 2, 2015 | post #95)