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Aug 20, 2007

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Vietnam News 101

UK investors in Viet Nam and outside the country are equally enthusiastic about business here, according to Thomas. “British businesses not yet based in Viet Nam are still going to be trying to set up British arms in Viet Nam in the course of the next 12 months,” Thomas said. He cited the example of betting firm Ladbrokes, which has been looking to offer services in Vietnam since the country began considering the legalization of football betting in 2006. Thomas also said he was impressed by the confidence British businesses had about expanding their operations here. As an example, he cited the opening of HSBC Bank (Viet Nam) earlier this month, which is the first wholly foreign-owned subsidiary in the country. “I am struck as well by the enthusiasm of the ministers and other representatives from the British government,” Thomas said. He recalled many high-level bilateral visits last year, including the UK visit of Vietnamese Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung in March. **GOVERNMENT SUPPORT** One reason UK companies were confident in Vietnam was “the enthusiasm of the Vietnamese government (to improve the business environment) for foreign direct investment (FDI),” according to Thomas. Thomas said that in a meeting with PM Dung last week, the Vietnamese leader had expressed his commitment to creating a business environment conducive to foreign investment. Thomas said PM Dung had made clear his desire to discuss the European Chamber of Commerce report on business environment improvement with Vietnamese officials and ministers. “I hope from that we’ll take a series of measures to improve the business environment in Viet Nam,” said Thomas. He said the country could see more FDI as a result. Vietnam attracted record quantities of FDI last year, both in pledges and disbursement, the Ministry of Planning and Investment said. Investors promised more than US$64 billion to Viet Nam in 2008, according to the Foreign Investment Department. Thomas said he was confident bilateral trade would increase this year given the enthusiasm from both the Vietnamese government and British companies. Thomas also revealed plans to go back to Brussels and argue for Europe to implement free trade agreements with individual economies in the ASEAN region like Vietnam or Singapore before signing similar deals with the whole region. The UK is now the third largest European investor in Viet Nam. UK exports to Viet Nam were up 50 percent year on year by the end of September last year while Vietnam's exports to the UK were up 17% over the same period. **TET MESSAGE FROM THE UK** UK Foreign Secretary David Miliband and Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson sent their New Year’s greetings to Viet Nam on the first day of Tet (Lunar New Year), January 26. Both Miliband and Ferguson, who spoke through a video on Ambassador Mark Kent’s blog (http://blogs.fco. /), fondly referred to the huge support that Vietnamese fans have given to the Manchester United football club. “I know that Manchester United has more fans in Vietnam than any other club in Britain. I do celebrate the fact that MU speaks for the best of Britain,” Miliband said. Ferguson said: “I just can’t wait to bring my team to Vietnam because I was told that we have more than 20 million fans there... We will be there soon.” Miliband also said he was delighted that millions of British people are now seeing Vietnam’s development not only on television but also through the increasing numbers of tourists to Vietnam. “I know 2009 is going to be an important year for Vietnam and I hope through the medium of sport we’ll be able to get closer and closer together,” he said. (TN)  (Feb 1, 2009 | post #417)

Vietnam News 101

***THE U.K. - VIETNAM RELATION IN 2009*** URL: http://www.vnbusin 1/two-way-enthusia sm-to-push-uk-viet nam.html Two-way enthusiasm to push UK-Vietnam trade, investment: official Vietnam’s economic resilience and its government’s enthusiastic emphasis on reform are likely to woo more British investors and boost bilateral trade this year, a top UK trade official said. Gareth Thomas, Minister of State, UK Trade and Investment and Department for International Development, said he was convinced that the bleak economic forecasts facing Viet Nam this year would not scare away UK companies. “What British businesses have been saying to me is actually they are not going to pull out. They want to stay here for the long term,” Thomas told Thanh Nien Daily during his visit to Viet Nam last week. The Asian Development Bank forecasts Vietnam’s 2009 economic growth at 5% while the World Bank estimated the figure at 6.5%. Viet Nam posted an economic growth rate of 6.23% last year against the original target of 7%. “They [British investors] recognize that it may be more difficult this year but they still believe there is going to be economic growth in Vietnam and there is still going to be an opportunity here to grow their businesses,” Thomas said. Thomas was the second UK senior official over the last three months to stress that UK businesses in Viet Nam had long-term plans here. In another interview with Thanh Nien Daily last November, Ambassador Mark Kent also said UK firms would focus on Vietnam’s long-term potential.  (Feb 1, 2009 | post #416)

Cambodian singer charms with Vietnamese songs,

First of all, congratulation a successful Aussie Open 2009 with the Williams sisters come back in full force, Fact for an old friend from Down Under. Under Saddam's Rule, there were no other candidates on the ballots. Iraqi could either vote for or against keeping him in the office. Is that Democracy you were talking about? So there you go my friend. Get the fact on the ground straight before fignting against Vietnam's government and all the good work we have been doing filled with blood and tears of Vietnamese people. Otherwise, the "Power of Unity" will once again defeat you in the end. This time there will be such companies like Bitexco will represent us instead of the VCP, and we are all behind this whole process of social-economic change and development. ***GREAT NEWS***, Ho Chi Minh City, aka Saigon tang truong sap si 12% trong nam 2008 trong khi nen kinh te toan cau dang trong tinh trang suy thoai tram trong. Think about it my friend. What say you? I'm very optimistic. Go Vietnam!  (Jan 31, 2009 | post #803)

Tracks / Athletic Facilities in Ho Chi Minh City

Here is a list of vevues for pratice, Phu Tho gymnasium, Nguyen Du gymnasium, Army Sports Center Gyamnasium II, 4th District Sports Center, Thong Nhat stadium, Tan Binh gymnasium, Phan Dinh Phung gymnasium, Lan Anh club, Lanh Binh Thang gymnasium and many more URL: http://seagames22. vn/eng/category_de tail.asp?period_id =1&cat_id=66  (Jan 22, 2009 | post #3)

The Natural Truth

***Obama made History on the US Presidential Inauguration Day*** + Wall Street plunged more than FOUR percent on Inauguration Day Tuesday (BIGGEST LOST IN THE US HISTORY OF the PRESIDENTIAL. INAUGURATION DAY) as bank woes spread while investors failed to find confidence from President Barack Obama's inauguration speech. URL: .com/international /article.aspx?cp-d ocumentid=1789139 + Barrak Hussein Obama had sworn in as President for the Second time the day after Failing the first TIME on Tuesday. HISTORY had been made by an African American President indeed. As Joe Bidem made a joke to Barrak later on "I did memorize it the day before". URL: .com/watch?v=WUdK0 lOzlS8 Listen carefully to Barrak Hussien Obama, he did not swear to fight against all foreign and domestic enemies of the United States of America, unlike Joe Biden. URL: .com/watch?v=YIy6M u78P14 + What does it mean for the United States of America and what does it mean for you? I and many of my friends who came to this country trying to be the best self, all had tears going down our cheeks while watching his speech on Tuseday. It just 50 years short since the day, his father, a black man from Africa had not been served in a local restaurant. We all can relate to our days in Vietnam when previous generations could not get in to colleges if we were not members of VCP. And the days that normal people like us could board on planes and went on to study and work overseas. Infact we have come along way as does America. I find it's hard ought not to like Barrak Hussein Obama. He is handsome, he is smart, ivy educated. He is a family man, have kids and love his family. He easily smile and smile often. Having said that, I disagree with him politically on many issues have nothing to do with him as a person. Instead I found that I am more on the side of Jeffersontonian, and I'm not on the side of Socialistic ideas like Obama's belief. Everything has to do with "pick my pocket or break my leg". So, it was a great day for America. No where else on Earth could have the day as such. People were seeing Power transfer peafully from one regime to another. All were happening with grace and patriotism. God Bless America! and God Bless Vietnam!  (Jan 22, 2009 | post #217)

34 years later, Another Victory for hanoi in 2008

It is a nail on the head my friend. We, Vietnamese will do better as time go by. It's a fact. We'll catch up with more powerful neighbors. It is the matter of "when", not "if". It's simply because "The Power of Unity". Don't you feel sorry for these losers? I really do. They can't get their msg out. They can't get over the fact that we are doing better by days. Vietnamese people around the World have yet agreed with them for how many yeras now? Instead our countrymen and women continue sending home billion of dollars every year. And Vietnamese people at home continue to be optimistic about our social-economic development. That's why I said we have people on our side, my friend. Here is an Ad from Bitexco, a whole new genereation that make a new modern Vietnam possible. Are you ready for real change? Here we go ***BITEXCO COMPANY (www.bitexcoland.c om ) *** An AD from Bitexco, "The Power of Unity" URL: http://www.crea-tv .com/video_4.swf A new Vietnam is taking shape. It's a whole new world that takes pride in vitality of the Youth. The strength of our people, the stability of our fanilies, the beauty of our culture, The POWER OF UNITY. It's whole new lifestyle for Vietnam. Bitexco is making them all possible.  (Jan 22, 2009 | post #88)

Vietnam News 101

The U.S.-Vietnam Bilateral Trade Agreement Clinton signed that year kick-started eight years of spectacular economic growth. By 2004, Vietnamese seafood exports to the US had jumped from $50 million to over $2 billion a year. In garments, footwear and wood products, the story was the same, as U.S. consumers helped lift tens of millions of Vietnamese out of poverty. But the very success of Vietnam's export-oriented economy — 70 percent of its GDP comes from exports — has exposed it to the shock of the economic recession in the U.S. In early January, Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung called for businesses to refocus on the domestic market. "Vietnam's economy is very vulnerable," said Nguyen Quang A, an economist who has advised Prime Minister Dung. "In the future Vietnam should emphasize exports to other markets like China, Africa, the Middle East and Southeast Asia." Besides being its largest export market, the U.S. has influenced Vietnamese economic thinking. A new generation of Vietnamese economists, many trained at American universities on grants from the Fulbright program or the Vietnam Education Fund, have pushed for a less state-centered economy and for reforms in commercial law and corporate governance. But such influence has its limits, says Quang A. "Vietnam can learn from the U.S'.s economic model in areas like transparency, competitiveness, reducing protectionism, corporate governance, and mechanisms to discover wrongdoing," the economist said. "The aspect Vietnam should avoid is that the government should have a better role in running the economy." Vietnam's government intervenes heavily in its banking sector, and supports strategic industries with huge state-owned companies, like shipbuilding. Its model resembles the state-coordinated industrial policies that were successful in Japan, South Korea and Taiwan. The U.S. has generally stood for a more laissez-faire economic philosophy, but its own massive government interventions in recent months have muddied that image. One area where Vietnamese respect for America has never wavered is military prowess. But their attitude towards that prowess has shifted with circumstances. As a 10-year-old boy in 1965, literary critic Nguyen watched captured American pilots being paraded through his village in Ha Tinh province. "The daily perception of the U.S. was one of bombs, killing, death, bleeding, extermination, " Nguyen said. More recently, the Vietnamese overwhelmingly opposed America's military intervention in Iraq, which they found uncomfortably familiar. "I was surprised to find American administrations in fact had not changed their views at all, even after the Vietnam War," said Bao Ninh. Like Ninh, most Vietnamese view the Bush administration negatively, despite the improvement in bilateral relations over the past eight years and Bush's support for Vietnam's accession to the World Trade Organization and its election to a rotating seat on the UN Security Council. The election of Barack Obama has generated a modest level of enthusiasm in Vietnam, and some hope for a more multilateral U.S. foreign policy. But Vietnamese businesses also fear a Democratic administration may turn to protectionism to preserve American manufacturing jobs, hurting Vietnamese exports. Most Vietnamese think an improving Vietnamese-America n relationship is inevitable, regardless of who is in the White House. Both sides need each other to counterbalance China, and Vietnamese assume that the cheap sneakers they produce for Nike, and the Boeing 777s Vietnam Airlines buys, must benefit the U.S. as much as they do Vietnam. As for those who are hoping for a dramatic shift in American policy, they, like Bao Ninh, are skeptical. "We have heard Americans say lots of right and good things, especially in the presidential elections," Ninh said. "But let’s see what they are doing in 2009."  (Jan 22, 2009 | post #413)

Vietnam News 101

***US - VIETNAM RELATION*** For Which It Stands: Vietnam, Matt Steinglass - GlobalPost URL: http://www.globalp ietnam/090114/whic h-it-stands-vietna m The U.S. and Vietnam share a war, a hopeful future and a touch of skepticism. HANOI, Vietnam — They hated the Americans. A famous photograph from the war years shows the words "Giet My" — Kill America — carved into a tree along the Ho Chi Minh Trail like lovers' initials. Downed U.S. pilots were beaten by crowds of furious civilians. In Bao Ninh's celebrated novel, "The Sorrow of War," the former North Vietnamese soldier wrote of comrades haunted by visions of African-American GIs roaming the jungle, of female soldiers raped and killed by American troops, of civilians killed in B-52 bombing raids. It has been 33 years since North Vietnam won the war, and Bao Ninh, now 57, said the hatred is long forgotten. "Time is a miracle that heals all spiritual wounds," said Ninh. Today, the U.S. is Vietnam's biggest export market. Nike and Intel are among the country's major employers. U.S. warships call at Vietnamese ports, and Vietnamese heads of state pay regular visits to Washington. USAID spends tens of millions of dollars a year to help Vietnam fight AIDS. Hollywood movies pack the multiplexes in Saigon's new shopping malls, and "Made in Vietnam" labels line the racks at chain stores in New York. At Hoan Kiem Lake in central Hanoi, the kindly faces of two white-bearded men gaze down from billboards: on one side, Communist leader Ho Chi Minh. On the other, Kentucky Fried Chicken's Colonel Sanders. The U.S. and Vietnam are now wary friends, drawn together the past 15 years by a strange confluence of nostalgia, economics and strategic self-interest. But as Barack Obama takes office in Washington, the relationship will be tested. On some issues — military cooperation, political liberalization — the U.S. wants Hanoi to move faster than the Vietnamese Communist Party is prepared to. On other issues — boosting demand for Vietnamese exports, offsetting growing Chinese power — Vietnam may want the U.S. to do more than a country weakened by recession and military overreach can. "Vietnamese people think that we should lean to the U.S. side, to counterbalance China," said literary critic and gadfly Pham Xuan Nguyen, 53. But "the U.S. seems not to be as strong a country as it was in 2000. It seems the U.S. doesn't dare believe in its own strength." The rapprochement between the two countries began in the early 1990s after the collapse of the Soviet Union. The U.S. sought friends and commercial partners among former Soviet client states. U.S. leadership had passed to the baby boom generation, whose political identities were forged in the Vietnam War. Vietnam veterans such as Sens. John F. Kerry and John McCain, each with strong sentimental commitments to closing the book on the war, played key roles in lifting the longstanding commercial embargo of Vietnam and normalizing relations in 1995. On the Vietnamese side, the fall of the Soviet Union meant the loss of its superpower patron. With the end of support from Moscow, the impoverished, isolated country was forced to open its economy. On the political side, dynamic new leaders like then-Prime Minister Vo Van Kiet spearheaded a broad effort to reconnect with the non-Communist world, but faced resistance from conservative factions. The successful American relationship, along with years of strong economic growth, helped Kiet win that argument. In 2000, President Bill Clinton visited Hanoi and was met by throngs of spontaneous, cheering well-wishers. It was as if the American president symbolized the country's escape from the isolation and poverty of the 1980s.  (Jan 22, 2009 | post #412)

Vietnam News 101

***VIETNAM'S LAW*** A BIG STEP BACK. While regulation to clean up obscenity on the internet is good, an attempt to control intellectualized environment will certainly fail. It would only make people angry. + Vietnam's government has issued several decrees in recent months to curtail blogging, as the number of Internet users soars in the communist country. + The campaign started in August, when the government published an edict giving police broad authority to move against online critics, including those who oppose "the State of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam" and undermine national security and social order. The law also bans "obscenity and debauchery . . . and destroying national fine customs and traditions," according to the official gazette published -- online -- by the Ministry of Information and Communications. + Vietnam was a relative latecomer to the online age, but extraordinary economic growth in the past few years has triggered a similarly dramatic rise in Internet users. Estimates indicate that about 24 million people in the country of 88 million regularly use the Web. Internet cafes abound for those unable to afford a computer, and small shops sell pirated software to those who can. + It remains to be seen how successfully the government could control the Internet. As China has demonstrated, technology exists to block unwelcome content, at least from the casual user. ***But unlike users in China, whose government censored the Internet from the beginning, Vietnamese users have enjoyed years of unfettered access, which they have come to regard as a right. URL: http://www.washing /content/article/2 009/01/17/AR200901 1702552.html  (Jan 21, 2009 | post #408)

Vietnam News 101

***US - VIETNAM RELATION*** US Ambassador upbeat about future cooperation with Vietnam, Vietnam Net, Jan 20th 2009 The US Ambassador to Vietnam, Michael Michalak, has spoke optimistically of the expansion and deepening of US-Vietnam cooperation in 2009. + 2008 “is a very good year for the relationship between Vietnam and US.” He said that the year was highlighted by the visit of Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung to Washington, taking their bilateral relationship to a new level. + The economic and trade relationship has continued to grow even during a very difficult 2008. + He went on to say that 2008 also saw Vietnam’s continued integration into the global community and it doing an outstanding job in serving as a non-permanent member of the UN Security Council and becoming a major partner of the US in both the region and the world. + Regarding educational relations, Ambassador Michalak said that during 2007, Vietnam was ranked 20th among countries sending students to the US to study, and in 2008, it had risen to the 13th place. + Going to future: Answering question regarding the foreign policies of the US ’ newly-elected President, Barack Obama, the Ambassador said he believed that the US would expand and deepen its relations with Vietnam across all fields. URL: http://english.vie s/2009/01/824978/  (Jan 21, 2009 | post #407)

Kinh te Trung Quoc dang tu tu di xuong

You are fooling yourself or you never in your life paid a dime of tax to your government in Down Under? Either case is bad, really bad. Even you never paid a dime of tax in your life, you should have shown that you have knowledge of the core relationship between taxation and government if you have a head above your shoulder. But you don't evidently. They are there to tax you when they can, mate. Of course when they see that cashflow is coming in consistently, it is the matter of "when", not "if" they will find a way to tax it. FYI Tax Code from the IRS: Gift Tax The gift tax is a tax on the transfer of property by one individual to another while receiving nothing, or less than full value, in return. The tax applies whether the donor intends the transfer to be a gift or not. The gift tax applies to the transfer by gift of any property. You make a gift if you give property ***(including money)***, or the use of or income from property, without expecting to receive something of at least equal value in return. If you sell something at less than its full value or if you make an interest-free or reduced-interest loan, you may be making a gift. URL: /businesses/small/ article/0,,id=1648 72,00.html PS: Please stop embarrassing Vietnamese people around the World. "neutral da ho tro cho toi tren topix nay" What's a Joke!  (Jan 20, 2009 | post #47)

Cambodian singer charms with Vietnamese songs,

What's happening to you, mate? You are comparing Vietnam's government with Sadam Hussein's regime? You lost your mind. Don't you know that Sadam Hussein got 98% of the votes from Iraqi because he would cut their heads off if they didn't vote for him? And you are calling it "a democratic election"? God MUST wonder why these boneheads can't have a win over VCs. huh. Evidently you let hatred filled your brain.  (Jan 19, 2009 | post #784)

My fellow Viets who made me proud

***BITEXCO COMPANY (www.bitexcoland.c om ) *** An AD from Bitexco, "THE POWER OF UNITY" URL: http://www.crea-tv .com/video_4.swf A new Vietnam is taking shape. It's a whole new world that takes pride in vitality of the Youth. The strength of our people, the stability of our fanilies, the beauty of our culture, The POWER OF UNITY. It's whole new lifestyle for Vietnam. Bitexco is making it all possible.  (Jan 19, 2009 | post #130)

viet nam cong hoa muon nam .da dao cong san da dao

C'mon mate, why would you let these crooks having an impact on your mood? Be strong, and believe me there aren't many left. (those crooks I mean). As you see millions of Vietnamese around the World join Hanoi on its social-economic development plan and we all see "THE POWER OF UNITY" that such company like Bitexco is making a new modern Vietnam. Video AD: http://www.crea-tv .com/video_4.swf Are you ready for a real change?  (Jan 19, 2009 | post #2727)

Vietnam's Real Estate, Tallest Building in Vietnam yet

Because of its size, the project is designed with seven basements covering 33,000 square meters for parking and for equipment for the building's operation. "This is a building of international standards, so the paring lot has to meet international standards and the seven basements will serve that purpose." Kim says. The seven basements also serve as a balanced foundation for one ground floor, and 60 floors covering 83,000 square meters. The most moderntechnology allows simultaneous construction of both rising floors and basements but guarantees construction quality and time at 30 months. So, if construction begins in June as scheduled, The Financial Tower will go into operation at the end of 2007. Asked why the structure is of steel and glass, Kim says the building could be of reinforced concrete but it would be difficult to shape the lotus bud, the building would be heavy, and construction time would be longer. With the outside of the building covered in glass, the sunlight on it will make the building outstanding in its space and the glass will also reflect nearby shapes. At night, the whole building facing the Saigon River with its shape and height, will be a splendid spectacle, thanks to modern lighting techniques. On the top floor will be a restaurant where locals and toursist can enjoy food and the city view at the altitude of about 300 metres. Market surveys show that high-quality office buildings of international standard (Class A) are lacking in Vietnam and "this is a gap that Bitexco aims to fill," Bitexco's Hoi says. As for the Bitexco building on Nguyen Hue Boulevard, District 1, the company has wanted to enlarge its office area and take back one or two floors in its own building. But the big companies there did not want to relocate as they wanted to have complete services such as eating, ease of traveling, and the best working and communications conditions. And that is the reason for Bitexco to invest in the office tower that will be bigger and more modern than any other office building on offer. "Regarding The Financial Tower, if foreigners invest in office buildings in Saigon, they will now have to consider spending an equivalent or higher sum, or else they will find it hard to compete successfully. " Hoi says. So the character of the high-class real estate market of offices for lease will be set for decades to come. (The Saigon Times Weekly) URL: http://en.wikipedi ancial_Tower_(Ho_C hi_Minh_city)  (Jan 19, 2009 | post #6)

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