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Apr 5, 2007

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Relax..Accept.. Enjoy !!


Huntington, WV/Vero Beach, FL

I Belong To:

The Universe... myself.... my beliefs

When I'm Not on Topix:

I'm currently working on a book of my personal experiences with the Paranormal, including my own Paranormal photos.

Read My Forum Posts Because:

We can all learn something from each other !!

Read This Book:

The One I'm Writing ...!!!

Favorite Things:

Sunrise-Sunset; a child's laughter; the Ocean; a warn breeze; a cold beer; a good friend; passion; time to breathe; to name a FEW !!

On My Mind:

Fighting for Peace is like Screwing for Virginity....

I Believe In:

Letting people "Call Their Soul Their Own". People that Accept... not condemn others for their beliefs. People that allow themselves to think for themselves.... and Celebrate differences ... maybe even LEARN something from them. A Mind Works the Best.... when It's OPEN !!