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Sep 28, 2013

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thanks for nothing commissioner (DAVID HALE)

After being harassed by a neighbor for months on end,my friend was told by Watertown chief of police,landlord,worker from d.c.s and me to go file harassment charges before it escalated any further.the neighbor has already vandalized her car,falsely called police and reported everything from loud music to domestic disturbance.(luckily the husband was the only one home at the time)constantly getting her dogs to crap on her steps where they have to walk to enter/exit the residence.falsely called d.c.s. and told them that a child was being abused which they have to investigate,and this is where it went too far.after d.c.s. investigated and seen that the report was fraudulent,they informed my friend to press harrassment charges because it was obvious this neighbor was not gonna stop and someone was gonna get my friend got all the paperwork together of all the evidence and people that had told her to file charges and heads to Commissioner DAVID was in his office he informed my friend that she was not being harassed,calling d.c.s. and making false statements and repeatedly wasting the police departments time with false accusations is completely a matter of fact unless this neighbor physically assaults her and beats her with a weapon,(which is what we dont want too happen)this neighbor is completely within there rights.well,i did some checking and found that what my friend is experiencing is text book harassment and other more competent commissioners as you know have filed harassment charges with far less evidence.So i ask YOU...when is it time to take the law into your own hands??the answer is when everyone including the chief of police has said let the law handle it and the Commissioner (David Hale)refuses to do his job.but on the plus side my neighbor has learned how far you can go before the law will take action.  (Sep 28, 2013 | post #1)