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Feb 24, 2013

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What is the the first priority of parenting? Best Answer: Practicing what you preach!!!! I hear about teenage violence all over the world. On the news,social network sites, in my community, etc... When is this planet going to realize that this is THE most important issue in history. Everything wrong with this world can be fixed if people practice what they preach! The parent or guardian is always to blame for the outcome of their children. They should start locking up parents for their kids crimes! Parents think that sheltering,buying food & clothes,taking their kids to school, what parenting is. NOT!! This is good but not what parenting is defined as. If you as a parent aren't teaching your children manners,responsibi lity,religion, and real life necessities then you are part of the problem. All these cute chics pretending to be professionals by day & associating with ignorant people by nite are a joke. Men need to show their sons what a man should be instead of playing video games and tricking. And by the way, if your not married or seriously working on it, then your tricking! The girlfriend/boyfrie nd thing is meaningless! No matter what it takes, GET YOUR KIDS RIGHT! I don't wana have any fun until I know my seeds are ready for the world! I promise you the Lord will bless you beyond belief if we do this! It also isn't good to associate with bad parents. You may be a good parent but somewhere in life your children will have to be around kids with dead beat parents & may be innocent victims. I know its difficult to sacrifice our time to get our kids right but you will have more peaceful time for yourself if you do this! I stopped hustling,running around with different women, etc because I truly love my kids. The laws were put into place by GOD!! We must comply with them. Now back to the question, What is parenting to you?  (Feb 24, 2013 | post #1)