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Sep 8, 2009

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Indianapolis, IN

I Hate Blacks as they are ruining society and I don't car...

But its alright for the black race to lash out at white people, that what your saying disoriented simpleton. If a black person started a site and ran down white people I bet you wouldn't say a word.  (Feb 22, 2013 | post #199)

Indianapolis, IN

I Hate Blacks as they are ruining society and I don't car...

Heres what happened and is happening still today. A faction of racist and fanatical religious black individuals engendered the theory that white people are the root of all evil and the blame for anything negative on the face of the earth. They implemented these unwarranted philosophies in our puesdo society and made them an indirect law and they became special and have double standards, special rights, and think the white man has to bend over backwars for them. Its somewhat the same as the female of the species, poor little picked on things who have been held back in life by a certain gender or race. It took years for all this to take hold and is now rampant and unstoppable. Even the current generations of caucasions believe they are evil and have hurt the black race which is erroneous. Back in the African Slave Trade black people SOLD black people. They brought them over in boats and sold them to plantation owners. They were mostly from the south and I will admit they made them slaves. But thats the way it was in those days. The civil war was based on the whites who didn't go along with that theory. It was a select group of people like the Nazies in Germany. Their gone now. You can't blame a race of people for anything select, theres good and bad in all races. You can't go over to Germany and say "these bastard Germans, all the evil they did". That would be wrong because it was a certain group of people who in a certain time period in history who did these astrocities. It took white people to terminate slavery like Lincoln, one of the greatest presidents who ever lived. But you never here about how certain white people have helped blacks, like John Brown the abolitionist. Its just the bad things. They have used this unjust concept and ran away with it. Whats that old saying, we gave them an inch and they took a mile. The black race has hurt our country in many ways, one being freedom. They have taken away our feeling of being free. Their crime rate is off the charts and violence is very high. Its like they can do no wrong and are justified in what they do and this is totally wrong. And lets not forget the poor little Indians. When the European came over to explore they found the Indians at war with each other (various tribes), fighting for land, food etc, all the white man did was join in. Someone had to win, but the white man with his better technological weaponry became the evil side of it. Indians even took the white man's side and spyed for him on other tribes for alcohol. It was all shifting loyalties but everyting became miscontrued through the ages and now the white race is the blame for anything negative on any other race of people. A bunch of lying BULL SHIT. Nuff Said!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!  (Feb 22, 2013 | post #198)

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I'm looking for data on anyone who has had any type of UFO experience of any kind.-Thanks  (Apr 16, 2011 | post #1)

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Has any cleaning woman seen men jacking off in the locker area of any business or seen them naked?  (Jan 30, 2011 | post #1)