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Nov 30, 2012

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Top Gadgets to Get a Techie this Holiday Season

TOP 5 MUST HAVE GADGETS FOR ANY TECHIE Well, Thanksgiving has come and gone leaving those extra pounds and tight fitting pants to remind us to avoid that third helping of mashed potatoes and turkey next year. As Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday have come to an end, find amazing “Holiday Deals” right in PromoVerse. This is after all, the season for giving! And giving… of course. Most of us can barely contain our excitement as we watch others open the gifts we’ve chosen for them. In the matter of thirty seconds we can go from an awesome friend to a sucky one with the wrong choice. NOTE: Always a good move to stay away from any “festive” holiday sweaters… recently published a “Must Have Gadgets” list and seeing how the holiday season is upon us we figured we would add our two cents in too. For those with a techie in their life, gain some direction with the help of the PromoVerse team. Find the must have gadgets for techies of all kind, from the serious to the gamers and all in between! Here are the Top 5 Must Have Gadgets: 5. Roku LT – Approx. Cost: $50. The Roku LT has become an amazing alternative to cable television. This palm sized box with a wifi connection for access to awesome video apps like Netflix, Hulu, and HBO Go and more. Give this must have gadget to any friend or techie looking to catch up on great shows like How I Met Your Mother and Lost in addition to hundreds of new movies! 4. Panasonic TC Flat Panel Television – Starting Price: $1,299.99. What’s better than hooking up a Roku LT and streaming Netflix and other great apps on a flat screen? Hooking it up to a 55 inch 1080p 3D compatible television that is Bluetooth and Wi-Fi capable. Yes, say that five times fast. has is down as 2012’s best TV of the Year and if I had $1,300 lying around I would probably wind up agreeing as well. Honestly, this must have gadget is not exclusive to just techies. I’m pretty sure anyone would enjoy a flat panel TV like this one! 3. 13” MacBook Pro w/ Retina Display - Starting Cost: $1,699. Definitely the most expensive item on our list, the 13” MacBook Pro with retina display is THE MUST HAVE GADGET this holiday season. The former statement is supported by multiple PromoVerse team members and *ahem family members, need we say more? This amazing must have gadget packs a sharp and crisp display, flash memory and at least 7 full hours of battery life. For any student, aspiring entrepreneur, or creative mind, this must have gadget will definitely put you on the “Greatest Gift Giver I Know” list. 2. Kindle Fire – Starting Cost: $159. One of the top iPad competitors has always been the Kindle. Released ealier this year, the Kindle Fire came complete with a color screen, e-reader, apps, e-mail support, and much more. Running on an Android operating system it holds it’s own against Apple’s newest tablet titan, the iPad mini. The Kindle Fire has proven to being one of the top must have gadgets for any on the go reader! 1. iPad mini – Starting Cost: $299. One of Apple’s newest products, this must have gadget can complete any Apple fanatic’s collection. Running on the same processor and gear as the iPad 2, the iPad mini is chock full of all the features found in the larger versions, all within a sleek compact system. One of the newest products on this list, this must have gadget will go fast so be sure to get yours soon! So, put down the sweater and slowly walk away. Don’t let your gift land you on the “People Who Suck At Giving Gifts” list and blow their minds with one or more of these must have gadgets! With so much to choose from there’s something here for everyone. If you can’t seem to find it on this list, take a look at the free app, PromoVerse’s list! After you pick you jaw up from the floor and stop drooling you’ll realize you can save hundreds with the help of your go to app for everything local, PromoVerse!  (Nov 30, 2012 | post #1)

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