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Nov 22, 2009

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Looking for International Project Funding

no interest  (Jul 1, 2015 | post #192)

Venture Capital

Investor seeking investment project

Have an interest in setting up a Theme Park? We are in the process of raising funding for the initial phase of the project. We have already made significant progress in this quest hence the hunt for an investor the Feasibility study, business plan, cost plan & financials was done by a UK based company. In this line of business, there is only one player who runs a Luna Park which is mostly made up of old and dilapidated equipment (1971) which offers no real entertainment for the general public. We need to modernize and establish the latest state of the art Theme Park which will attract many visitors as it will be the first of its kind in Zimbabwe. Our proposal is to build the Theme Park on land that is about 30kms from the Central Business District of Harare 250Ha, the Capital City of Zimbabwe. With the exception of South Africa, there are no Theme Parks in the region. We see a great opportunity to provide World Class Entertainment and Amusement not only to the residence of Harare but the whole Country and the Southern Africa region. There is therefore potential in generating substantial benefits from the Theme Park for the benefit of the National Economy. The park will have facilities for a Golf Course, Restaurants, Shops, Beauty Salons, Public Swimming Pool, Flee Markets and many other commercial activities. At the moment the project is still at its infancy however we are calling & looking for investors or partnership or a long term loan, the project cost is 38 million euros Looking forward to hear from you.  (Mar 20, 2015 | post #81)

Venture Capital

private equity or other investors wanted international pr...

theme park project investors We research and find solid investors / funding sources for our international, signed clients. "we now have a 50% / JV funding program, minimum deal value is USD 100 million" http://www.abasics  (Dec 29, 2013 | post #53)

Venture Capital

Looking for companies and projects that need venture capi...

Shadow Bank or Broker or Investor or Gatekeeper We research and find solid investors / funding sources for our international signed clients as related to our sector of interest. . More investment invited ~ Billion Dollar Projects, shovel ready, request funding .1. Indonesia: leisure, hotel, marina .2. Philippines: hotels, infrastructure, theme park .3. Croatia: looking for a co-investor. Here is the data: 1.500.000 cubic meter volumes, golf course 27 hall sign by Jack Nicklaus, all villas sea view, 2/3 luxury hotel, Spa, Casino, Medical center, Dry marina of 1200 berths, Wet marina of 600 berths. .4. yours: ? . Shadow Banks or Brokers or Investors or Gatekeepers . “Theme park designer” :  (Nov 17, 2013 | post #763)

US Politics

The President has failed us

U S Political news from a totally different and honest perspective http://www.canadaf  (May 23, 2013 | post #142944)

US Politics

Irs Scandal Fallout: Officials Get Senate Grilling On Tea...

I sent to NM Congressman Pearce, asking Texas legislative Bill '308'. Your government now gives you permission to write or express Merry Christmas in public schools. Will you propose a similar bill? Will you propose other bills that ~ 1. Grant us freedom of assembly (free of gv intimidation) 2. Grant us freedom of the press 3. Grant us the right to bear arms 4. Go to all means to protect our citizens serving overseas 5. Grant us freedom from foreign entanglements and endless, no win wars 6. Grant us all other rights as previously guaranteed under the founding documents  (May 23, 2013 | post #95)

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