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Dec 12, 2006

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Austin, TX

Bill would create database for missing adults (Video on w...

Check this out Billy's Law and Roxanne Paltauf missing since 7-7-06 http://www.kvue. com/video/ ?nvid=410792& shu=1  (Oct 30, 2009 | post #1)

Austin, TX

Roxanne Paltauf missing 7=7=06 New Billboard /

Hello Friends and Family, I am very happy to announce that Roxanne has a new billboard YEAH!!!! It is located at Braker Ln and IH35 Austin Tx I want to Thank everyone for the help, support, contributions, and prayers to make it all happen You are such a blessing. The billboard has a new look, new colors , new picture, and a New Anonymous Tip Line number Roxanne's 3rd Anniversary is fast approaching 7-7-09 Please Light a candle and say a prayer for her on this day Please share her new billboard picture with everyone you know With God blessings we will find her and find answers There's not a second of the day that goes by she is not thought of and missed so much We are so ever grateful for all you who work so tirelessly behind the scene in our search for my daughter Roxanne. You all make this journey a little easier Please help bring my Roxanne home Thank you and God Bless Elizabeth Harris , mother of Roxanne Paltauf missing 7-7-06  (Jun 28, 2009 | post #1)

Austin, TX

Roxanne Paltauf missing 7-7-06 Austin TX

Hello All Elizabeth Harris here, mother of Roxanne Paltauf missing 7-7-06 As most of you know that Roxanne has had a billboard up for over 2 years now Reagan advertisement has most graciously have been keeping it up for us now without charge and moving it around town to different location to have the public be aware of her being missing The artwork is made out of vinyl and with Texas weather being what it is Hot weather, rain storms, hail and of course the cold has done a number with it They were taking it down to move it to a new location, it started tearing apart, so they had to trash it, With Roxanne's billboard up, It has produce awareness everyday to millions of people and to me it such a blessing each and every time I see her billboard It gives me and my family such hope having her billboard out there for everyone to see I know times our tough for everyone So I trying to come up with ideas to raise the money to have new art work done The price is $1,100.00 Roxannes 3 year anniverary is coming up in July 3 year!!!!!!!!! It's so sureal ,still So If anyone has ideas or would like to donate to a GREAT Cause please let me know I am so humble by all the support, prays, and kind word have given to me and my family WE have hope that we will find her My mission is to keep her name , face and story out there for the world to of Roxanne and what a wonderful daughter, sister and friend she is to so many Thgank you for your support Elizabeth Harris  (May 13, 2009 | post #1)

Austin, TX

Roxanne Paltauf missing 7-7-06 Austin tx

Hello Everyone I would to share a video I came across today it from Peace 4 the missing It's a Christmas video and to my surprise our Roxanne is in it Very Touching http://peace4missi peace4-ch... please watch and share it with all those you know We need to find all the missing love ones also just to let you know that Roxanne Paltauf story will be in the January issue of the Austin Monthly along with Rachel Cooke story another Central Texas missing love one check it out in January http://www.austinm It will be Roxanne 21st Birthday 1-3-08 This will be her 3rd Birthday since she went missing I know somehow , some way we will find her Please keep her in your prayers and all the other who are missing she is missed so much, and NEEDS to be FOUND Thank you , God Bless, Merry Christmas  (Dec 14, 2008 | post #3)

Austin, TX

Roxanne Paltauf missing 7-7-06 Austin tx

Please see photo section for last person to seen with Roxanne Paltauf missing 7-7-06 form austin tx any info will help  (Dec 14, 2008 | post #2)

Austin, TX

Roxanne Paltauf missing 7-7-06/ Austin TX

Hello All and Happy New Year, I am sending out a link to a new site call, They have done an update story on Roxanne Paltauf missing since 7-7-06.from Austin Tx I wanted to share it with you all http://www.320syca 008/01-1_Roxanne_P altauf_missing.htm l Also Tomorrow January 3, 2008 is Roxanne 20th Birthday. The second birthday without her. Her family and I will be gathering together to remember her again on her birthday without her. It just don't seem right, She should be here, but still we have no word on what has happened to her. It is just shy of a few days of 18 months since she vanished without a clue . Please keep her in your prayer and hopefully this new year will bring the answers that we seek Happy Birthday Baby Girl We love and miss you so, We Will NEVER Give UP searching for you Thank you all for your support God Bless and have happy and joyous 2008 Elizbeth Harris and Family  (Jan 2, 2008 | post #1)

Austin, TX

march on rundberg and march for roxanne paltauf

Here you go as promise Here are the link to vaeries news station report and newspaper report on the march on Rundberg and march for Roxanne Paltauf missing 7-7-06 From Rundberg and IH35 Austin TX Thank you Elizabeth Harris austin american stateman report link http://www.statesm t/news/stories/loc al/12/02/1202prote st.html link to kvue story m/video/index.html ?nvid=197641&s hu=1 fox news story link http://www.myfoxau es/Home/Detail?con tentId=5097227 &version=1 &locale=EN-US &layoutCode=VS TY&pageId=1.1. 1 kxan link m/Global/category. asp?C=69666&na v=menu73_2_4  (Dec 2, 2007 | post #1)

Austin, TX

Protest march m/Global/story.asp ?S=7430625 Try this link  (Nov 29, 2007 | post #2)

Austin, TX

Protest march

Here the link to KXAN story on Protest Rundberg Area Residents To Protest Businesses Catering To Criminals http://www.kxan. com/Global/ story.asp? S=7430625  (Nov 29, 2007 | post #1)

Austin, TX

Roxanne Paltauf missing 7-7-06 austin tx

------------------ ------------------ ------------------ ------------------ -------- I found this video on you tube wanted to share it with you all /watch?v=yvGOodqJz RM  (Nov 29, 2007 | post #1)

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