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Dec 1, 2010

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Albany, NY

Albany County Sheriff and County executive

The times useless has a article regards to Apple and Burke.This thing about giving Waivers must stop.Burke had one 20 years,longest time ever given,Was Burke Jesus,someone who couldn't be replaced?Now a another retired Albany cop,her name is "McCoy" who has one in the DA's office,I wonder??Waiver is for a immediately replacement in a position that must be filled.But awiver is only suppose to be for 2 years!Albany has to stop this terrible practice of given these positions out.Taxes are high enough.Take the cars away to start!I wonder if Carmen Mirable has a waiver now that he's driving McCoy?? Why not give jobs out to people who needs them?  (Sep 30, 2012 | post #6)

Albany, NY

Albany County Sheriff Heads Out of Dodge

I just read thisa year after this was written.This guy knows all about the internal workings of the Dept.BUT! Nothing was ever done about it,no charges ever came out of all of FrankS hard work.It would appear to me that this could all be handed over to the Feds as it appears a lot of this is a Federal violation?  (Jul 5, 2012 | post #104)

Albany, NY

Albany County Sheriff and County executive

When times are really tough you would think that our elected officials would tighten the belt on spending?No not here, where if your a Democrat you can do what ever you like.Why? How can you lose,no one opposes these guys in elections.They can do what ever they want.Unfortunately the Party just doesn't care.These last appointments today is just to much.Many people out there really need a job,these appointees had jobs already.Then on top of it,they give them cars.Didn't Tax payers just have a Tax increase of about 11% by McCoy?You watch and we will have another one!  (Jul 5, 2012 | post #1)

Greenville, NY

Hunter Mistaken for Fisher

It appears that a Lt. on the Greene county Sheriffs Dept,Catskill ny,shot at a Hunter several times and striking him in the back pack.The incident took place days ago,but took a week to disclose?Why?Go to the Catskill Daily mail to read article.It appears that Encon is doing the investigation,why not the NYSP?The Sheriff has already announced it was a Hunting accident.In the past Encon has always charged the shooter with Reckless endangerment,at the least.I seen when a hunter shot a house he was charged.At the least the sheriff or Judge should pull this Lt's pistol permit!!It appears that the Sheriff is covering something up,along with Encon.Remember when Encon Lt. lost his glock and it was used in a Shooting?Again,nothing happened because,maybe he was a Police officer.This story stinks!!!  (Dec 1, 2010 | post #1)