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Dec 12, 2008

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As folks in Newport nervously watch the water rise, they ...

I'll spot you New Orleans, don't live under sea level next to the ocean. Other than that though, your examples miss the mark. Most of the disasters you talked about target random small portions of the territories you described at sporadic intervals. This is a floodplain that deals with flooding every year. Very predictable compared to the other disasters you described. A levee built on private land is no concern for government. Homeowners should have questioned a private levee or the proximity to the river when they purchased the land or homes.  (Apr 8, 2011 | post #31)

Lakeville school board approves stringent cuts package

A few things to point out. 1- In most places, Catholic schools wouldn't have the infrastructure to handle 100% of students. Increasing their facility and operations capacity could very well dissipate those savings. 2- Catholic schools rely on their parishes for unpaid volunteers for many capacities that public schools have to pay for. Again, scale and liability make the use of volunteers difficult in public schools. 3- Private schools still receive funding from public districts for expenses like books and transportation. For that reason, those numbers often don't show up on private schools ledgers. Transportation increases have been a real budget killer for schools lately. 4- Public schools are responsible for financially and academically tied to kids that can't be served by many private schools. Students with EBD, LD, DCD, Autism, and severe medical issues are, in most areas, solely taught by public schools. The cost of per pupil education is higher for those students and often their academic achievement on tests is lower(even if they are making great strides as many do). Our public school here is also responsible for educating students in a shelter and drug treatment facilities. There are issues that preclude those students from performing as well as their peers regardless of education. 5- In Catholic schools, many school costs are tied into general parish budgets and some costs(property maintenance, facility organization, secretarial work, etc.) are hard to delineate into strictly school costs. We simply are not comparing apples to apples here. They are two very different educational systems, both with strengths and weaknesses. Before anyone bashes me as a Catholic school hater or worse, keep in mind that both my wife and I had Catholic primary educations and are more than satisfied with them. We have also both worked in public and Catholic schools. Additionally, my mom is a board member of a Catholic school where they just went through a major financial analysis to determine their fiscal effectiveness and responsibility and is my source for the financial info. I am not just spouting off, these are the facts.  (Feb 9, 2011 | post #28)

St. Paul developer's $2.6M commercial property tax bill i...

Seems like a good warning and good timing for the paper. If you were on the border of flooding last year, probably wise to get flood insurance. If you're a hundred feet above the river like we are, maybe not. To all the people complaining about people living in flood plains, the entire midwest is a floodplain. That's why the farm soil is so fertile. Cities always form near food and water sources. Besides find a livable area that can hold hundreds of millions efficiently with no chance of natural disasters and you'll have people join you there, but you'll be looking a long time.  (Jan 28, 2011 | post #10)

Hastings police officer investigated in alleged theft of ...

Then that's what they'll find in what should be a short investigation. Just like if I was in the same position. A possible crime was reported to the chief and it is his duty to pass it off to another enitity for investigation. That should prevent the investigation from leaning towards or against him. Lots of people are wrongly charged everyday, simple as that.  (Jan 7, 2011 | post #49)

Hastings police officer investigated in alleged theft of ...

Just a couple important observations as I don't know all the details either. The restaurant didn't bring this forward, they are just cooperating now that it is an issue. That's their responsibility to do so. The issue was brought up by an officer that is not on the Hastings Police Force, but I'm not ruling out that someone may have been watching him pretty close due to past events. Also, the police chief is brand new to Hastings and if the issue is brought to him, he has no choice but to have it investigated. Otherwise people on the other side would be screaming police favoritism. With more than one Hastings police officer in the news lately, I would have made the same decision if nothing else to just show transparency. If he didn't do anything wrong, that should come to light also. It seems petty, but I am of the opinion that public servants, and I am one, need to hold themselves to a high standard. As an interesting sidenote, the officer in question owns his own bar as well. Maybe he doesn't get free bottle openers and is just trying to level the playing field...  (Jan 7, 2011 | post #26)

Bob Sansevere: On and on with Randy Moss

The thing that I think is being somewhat overlooked when comparing Moss to the other "diva" receivers is that he is humble enough(I know that sounds odd, but just wait) to appreciate the Vikings to this day for the opportunity to be a professional. It's something he brings up on a regular basis, and that says something about his character. He made mistakes, we all do, but he has endeared himself to most MN fans because of that appreciation. Oh and that freakish ability to catch balls that you thought for sure were going to hit the ground. Welcome back Moss! I for one would be glad to see you play here until retirement.  (Oct 8, 2010 | post #19)

Student members of GLBT group say Twin Cities archbishop ...

I'm Catholic, but this confirms why I do not give any money to the diocese ie the bishop. St Johns is a catholic school, so if he's so committed to his beliefs, why doesn't he have them tossed from the campus permanently. Last I checked, the Bible clearly states that we should let God take care of judgement. I don't think most of us, especially some church leaders, are in a position to cast the first stone.  (Oct 5, 2010 | post #45)

Mosque near ground zero divides Sept. 11 relatives

For the uneducated, directly from our Constitution's First Ammendment, "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof..." So actually the Constitution makes it very clear that the religion does not matter. Christians have just as many atrocities in the history books as Muslims. In fact, probably more and with a higher body count. Examples being the Crusades, World Wars I and II, the attempted extermination of native peoples in North and South America, all in the name of Christianity and most of those orders came directly from church leadership. Every religious/ethnic group has faced persecution as they came to this country. Germans, Irish, Chinese, Japanese, Italians, all of them hated by the people that were already "Americans. " I put the word Americans in quotations because it is people like you that send the message that America is intolerant. I will welcome anyone that comes here to work hard and make a life for themselves. That doesn't mean terrorists, but to me that means we should boot out Christian or atheist terrorists also. Islam does not inherently hate us. A few crazy people use isolated parts of the Koran to explain their lunacy, much like crazy Christians use the Bible to validate their lunacy. American freedom was won not because we refused to take crap from anyone, that's just how the revolution started. It was won because the first Americans refused to be scared of the people, the British, that they were told to fear. Right now, you are listening to a few crackpots that are telling you to be scared of Muslims. With you, it has been effective because the fear in your ranting is evident. Your fear is doing more to bolster the success of terrorists than any building ever could.  (Aug 20, 2010 | post #20)

Mosque near ground zero divides Sept. 11 relatives

There are a lot of Christian churches in the Holy Land where Christians tried to eradicate people of other faiths. Keep in mind that was an organized war planned by the highest leadership of the church. We have Christian churches built all over this country near sites where native people were massacred for their land. Being a Christian myself, I know that the actions of those people does not reflect my faith accurately, otherwise I have to blame myself for those atrocities. I am of Irish descent. Does that mean I am guilty of IRA bombings in Ireland? I am of German descent. Does that mean I am inherently evil and have ownership in my people starting two World Wars that killed millions of people all around the world? I don't think so, we are talking about power hungry extremists. You can pull phrases from the Koran that are violent, but you can do the same with the Bible. True followers of Islam know that Christians and Jews are to be treated in higher regard than other non-Muslims because they are "people of the book," meaning they share the same old testament. In the US, when a Christian blows up an abotion clinic or for example the Oklahoma City Federal Building, the blame is put on the person, not their Christian faith because we all know they twisted the truth of their faith. I know many Muslims and they only want the same things I do. They want a safe place to live and make a life for themselves, just like my ancestors did. They are not accurately represented by terrorists that are Muslim just like I am not represented by Christian terrorists. To think any different is the definition of ignorance.  (Aug 20, 2010 | post #15)

Escape artist Francisco Liriano lifts Minnesota Twins int...

It's just nice to know that if they decide to walk Mauer, Kubel can make them pay for it.  (Aug 13, 2010 | post #10)

School tax question splits Minnesota governor hopefuls

Not saying I like the idea, but your logic is flawed. School board members are your representatives because they are elected. Your city and county officials have the power to raise taxes without a vote, why not schools? I would agree that we should at least get to keep the referendums for building and expansion projects.  (Jun 22, 2010 | post #11)

2 Americans killed in southern Afghanistan

Some of us know and appreciate what you're doing. Thank you  (Jun 18, 2010 | post #4)

Cougar sought after attacking cow in Wisconsin

She had to be put down...  (May 19, 2010 | post #8)

3 killed after semi hits SUV in Dakota County

As I pointed out pretty clearly, both of those types of turns are legal on that stretch of road. Everyone learns in driver's ed that if you are following a vehicle, you need to stay far enough back to stop safely if the person in front of you stops or turns. Just because the guy is driving a truck doesn't mean he doesn't have to follow the rules. Besides, I said "a u-turn or a turn." Don't see how that should make me feel stupid. It's assumed by anyone that knows the area that you have to make a wide turn at that intersection because those two roads don't run perpendicular to each other(perpendicula r means at right angles in case you weren't listening in math either). The facts remain the same. It is the truck driver's responsibility to make sure he is leaving room to stop safely if the vehicle in front of him is turning.  (Apr 27, 2010 | post #23)

3 killed after semi hits SUV in Dakota County

Maybe they can start killing stupid people who don't read articles fully instead. The article said a u-turn or a turn. This could just as likely the truck driver's fault if the suv was turning legally. Secondly, u-turns are not illegal on that section of road if that is what they were doing. Lastly, they were on a county road, not a "highway. " Read before you post stupid comments.  (Apr 26, 2010 | post #10)

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