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May 3, 2013

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Improved Eczema in weeks

Hey, I have had varying levels of eczema on different parts of my body since I was a few years old. It has been bearable until a few years ago when it started to get a lot worse. 8 months ago, I joined a gym, and my eczema has been the worst its ever been. When I sweat or am in hot rooms with high humidity, my eczema would flare up and be almost impossible to not scratch it. For a few months, it was bleeding every day around my neck and shoulders, and on one eyelid. It was unbearable. About 3 months ago, I started using the following: -8 fish oil tablets per day (4 in the morning 4 in the evening) -8 evening primrose oil tablets per day. (same as above) -applying olive oil to all areas before going to sleep (Note: this will stain your sheet,pillow and clothes but seems to come out after a few washes, definitely worth it) The oils managed to get my eczema back to an alright level, stopping the bleeding from scratching after a few weeks. But I hadn't ever been able to get rid of it, and it has still been really itchy when I sweat at the gym. about two weeks ago, I stopped eating shop bread and only ate my own home-made bread. There are a couple of differences: Shop bread used some soy flour, canola oil, extra wheat gluten, emulsifiers(471,48 1) acidity regulator(263). My bread, simply: 2/3 wholemeal flour 1/3 white flour olive oil, sugar, salt, yeast, and water. Ever since this change occured, my eczema has been healing at a rapid rate. For the last few days I have been able to go to the gym without scratching. It is either that I have eliminated the emulsifiers and acidity regulators, (and I have a good diet apart from that - no preservatives,colo urs,flavours etc at the moment, just meat, milk, fruit, bread,rice, fruits and vegetables etc.) OR it is the olive oil. I have started also spreading olive oil on the bread when I eat it. I have researched that there are many benefits of olive oil, but haven't seen much about the effect on eczema apart from being a moisturizer. Any thoughts??? For those who are still suffering, my recommendations are: -as above, use fish oil, evening primrose oil at least 6 tablets a day of both. -if possible cover you skin in a moisturizer before sleep AND exercise. -avoid overheating, stay as cool and dry as possible. -Sea water and apple cider vinegar baths are great for healing the skin (I use about 1/3 cup of ACV per full bath) -avoid preservatives, especially in food like sausages, etc. -Be careful what body wash you use in the shower, I use plain soap even though it may make the skin more dry, I have even more trouble with so called "moisturizing body washes". -Do not use steroid creams for extended periods of time. They make your skin THIN. This makes it more likely to FLARE UP, takes longer to heal. Good luck to you all!  (May 3, 2013 | post #1)