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Jan 6, 2009

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Atlanta, GA

VIVA Arizona!

As a decendent of a signer of The Declaration of Independence , I am a firm believer in immigration--but lets keep it legal. It needs to be easier to immigrate to this country by legal means !!! Secondly, using traffic stops to check immigration status is profiling ! A friend of mine was taking me to the dealer so I could pick up parts for my car and we were pulled over for no reason other than for the officer to harass my friend and check his immigration status ! My friend is 3rd generation American born hispanic !!! A birth certificate or passport are handy to have to prove citenship, but not required to be presented to operate a motor vehicle !! So, my proposal would be to have a box on the drivers license to show citenship ! If the state can do it for organ donors, then the citenship status box can be added !!! As a final thought--remember the old World War II movies showing "checkpoints " throughout Germany and in order to pass, people had to "show their papers" ??? Is this what Arizona really wants--checkpoints at the Welcome Centers ???  (Jun 2, 2010 | post #7)

Phoenix, AZ

Immigration - Phoenix, AZ

Using traffic stops as a disquise to check immigration status is just wrong !!! Here in Atlanta, my friend--who is 3rd generation Mexican-American-- and born in the US was helping me rebuild the engine in one of my Rolls-Royces. We were going to the dealer to pick up some special order parts and my friend was driving. We were pulled over for nothing more than for the officer to check his status. The officer called my friend a "wetback "--along with several other negative names !!! We were ordered out of his car and the officer searched the car for no reason. This stop was unconstitutional in every way !!! I was ordered to provide ID, which I produced my drivers license and I was also challenged as to my immigration status even though I am a white guy !!! I wished that I had my "Sons of the American Revolution" membership card with me !!!!! U.S. citizens have no other proof of status other than a birth certificate of a passport--neither of which is required to operate a motor vehicle. My proposal is to note citenship on the drivers license just as organ donor status is noted !!! Either that, or a national ID should be issued, but imagine what a "cluster " that could be !!! By the way, I cancelled a trip through Arizona !!!!! A final thought--remember watching the old movies depicting World War II ? The Germans had "checkpoints " and required people to show their papers ! Is this what Arizona wants???? Are you going to set up ID checkpoints along the major roads into your state ??? I believe that there has to be a better way ! Until then, I'll never set foot in Arizona !!!  (Jun 2, 2010 | post #131)

Atlanta, GA

Thank you to Congressman Lewis

It was on the ABC evening news that showed Lewis and another Congressman when someone shouted the ugly "N" word ! Later, someone left a very nasty message at his office and the tape was played on the Channel 2 news ! !Congress did the right thing for all Americans when passing the Health Bill ! ! I do not work for his office--I am a supporter of his !  (Apr 26, 2010 | post #10)

Atlanta, GA

Thank you to Congressman Lewis

For your information---I own the Rolls in the picture and live in a 400K house that I own, not rent ! I stand by Congressman Lewis and will continue to support him and his efforts ! By the way, I'm a white guy ! Put that in your pipe and smoke it !  (Apr 26, 2010 | post #9)