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Sep 26, 2012

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open rights group international

Full article:https://ww w.openrightsgroup. org/ Open Rights Group is the UK’s leading voice defending freedom of expression, privacy, innovation, creativity and consumer rights on the Internet. ORG is a member organization of European Digital Rights (EDRi). We campaign to change public policy whenever your rights are threatened, by talking to policy-makers, informing the public through the media, and mobilizing our supporters. Founded in 2005 by 1,000 digital activists, ORG is a non-profit organization. We have grown with the help of funding from charitable trusts concerned about citizens' rights. However most of our financial support comes from ordinary people, contributing small regular amounts. •ORG has a core staff based in London, headed by Jim Killock, Executive Director. •Policy is informed by an Advisory Council, consisting of a large group of technology experts, academics and activists who, collectively, have a wealth of experience. •The running of ORG is overseen by a Board of Directors, two of whom are elected every two years by our paying supporters. None of our Advisory Council members or directors are paid. •We also depend on a network of campaigning volunteers, including interns working in our office. ORG depends on regular contributions from people like you to run and win our campaigns. If you would like to help, why not donate or, better still, join us as an ORG supporter.  (Oct 20, 2013 | post #1)

International Tyler Group Madrid Spain

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International Tyler Group Madrid Spain

Swiss bank account adds twist to Spain corruption scandal http://www.reuters .com/article/2013/ 02/21/spain-corrup tion-idUSL1N0BL8MG 20130221 international tyler group madrid spain Feb 21 (Reuters) - When Luis Barcenas, a former treasurer of Spain's ruling People's Party now at the heart of a growing corruption scandal, deposited 14 million euros in a new account at his Swiss bank in 2005 the bank asked him to explain how he came by the money. Barcenas told Dresdner bank, since acquired by LGT bank, the funds came from his involvement with eight Spanish and Argentine companies and from real estate and fine art deals, according to documents from the examining magistrate's evidence file in a Spanish High Court investigation seen by Reuters. Three companies that Barcenas told the bank his funds had derived from have denied any links with him, raising questions about the provenance of the money in a case that has become increasingly uncomfortable for Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy. Other companies he claimed links with have confirmed them. Others have gone out of business and could not be reached. The former party official is the key figure in a corruption case that has damaged Rajoy politically as he grapples with a grave economic crisis, and has added to Spaniards' suspicions of a deep rot now afflicting the democracy that emerged 35 years ago following the death of General Franco. Barcenas is being investigated by a High Court magistrate who is seeking to establish whether he used his party position to take bribes and concealed the money in Switzerland. Through his lawyer, Barcenas declined to comment for this story. Rajoy has denied allegations of party funding irregularities involving Barcenas. LGT, where Barcenas has been a client since 1990, declined to comment on its dealings with him, citing banking secrecy laws. In 2005, Barcenas' bank in Switzerland, Dresdner, which was bought by LGT in 2009, carried out background checks to establish that the 14 million euros ($18 million) that Barcenas was moving from one account to another at the bank were clean. Bank officials looked into the business ties Barcenas had provided to explain where his money came from and concluded it came from legitimate sources, according to the court documents. Internal emails between Dresdner staff, contained in the banking records that are part of the court file, show that a person from the bank met Barcenas in August 2005 in an effort to establish whether his money was related to his political activities. "Client confirmed that his political duties started in May 2004 and that the assets with us have no relation at all with his current and recent function," reads one of the e-mails. ACCOUNTING DEPARTMENT Barcenas worked for the PP from the early-1980s until 2009, mostly in the accounting department. He became a senator in 2004 while continuing to keep books at party headquarters. He was officially party treasurer from 2008 to 2009. The records from what was then Dresdner bank show that Barcenas said he made his money in part from involvement in eight companies including television production company Serena Digital, and water treatment company Langa de Duero Enercorr XXI. Serena Digital's president and a public relations representative for Enercorr told Reuters that Barcenas had never had any link with either company. Another business, consulting company Netcheck, said it had been a source of a relatively small amount of money for Barcenas, while another, a financial fund now owned by Bankia bank confirmed Barcenas was a board member. LIKE OUR PAGE: http://www.faceboo ler-Group-Expat-Co nnections-Blog/434 895503216361 VIEW FOR MORE ARTICLES: http://thetylergro roup-barcelona-how -can-we-help-you/  (Feb 22, 2013 | post #1)


crown capital management, CCM

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The Tyler Group Barcelona: Drie gearresteerd na fatale st...

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