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Oct 29, 2012

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Croat Detainee Recalls 'Inhumane' Serb Prison

Do read the entire article. He was in the prison after surviving an infamous massacre. Although the conditions in the prison weren't exactly bestial, he's still hardly anyone to be ridiculed.  (Feb 17, 2013 | post #252)


Why Do People Hate Serbs?

Ex-Serb-Girl, all populations the world over who are badly treated for generations become very stressed and behave badly, usually acting out the things that are done to them. And whenever they get the chance they scapegoat onto others, as men will towards women, or adults will towards children. Or they'll point the finger at some other group they think is more vulnerable and scapegoat on them. Then all that serves to reinforce the disrespect and mistreatment the outside world has for them. It can go on like that forever. It's very hard to start loving ourselves. The patterns get so ingrained. I hear what you're saying. You're not crazy, you see a lot of hypocrisy. It's internalized oppression acting out in a million bullshit ways. But running to other people won't resolve it. It will go with you, wherever you go. It's a part of you, too. If you stepped back and looked, like an impartial bystander, at what Serbs have lived through for so many generations, and it doesn't get better, there's never a generation that catches a breather, there's never time to get over anything, just one traumatic generation after another. How could we be anything but a mess? But then to see something like Otpor! coming out of Serbia, that makes me proud and I know that we can regenerate ourselves as much as anyone, anywhere.  (Feb 15, 2013 | post #1655)


"Black like Me" in Serbia

I would like some opinions on this article: http://oaklandloca 9/black-me-my-trip -serbia a little high school girl from Oakland, CA was given a trip to Serbia. She is black and was treated with a great deal of attention. Some days it seems like she felt like she was being treated like a rock star, just for being black. I have a theory that the Serbian experience, with 500 years of colonization, is existentially the same as the African American experience with slavery. There are just so many ways to subjugate people, and generations of living like chattel produces the same kind of psychology, issues, hurts, etc. But the experience in America has had much more resolution, Black Americans have shown wonderful leadership in healing those issues and overcoming them, and taking back their rightful place in the world. So, of course Serbians think they're very interesting and would be more than happy to be like them. Can you imagine a world where hundreds of thousands of 19th century Turks killed each other in an argument over whether or not they should be nicer to Serbs? But somehow, that happened with the American Civil War. And that was a kernel that started a path of healing the world has rarely, if ever, seen before. My theory is that the fact that the caste system was based on race rather than religion meant that religion could be used to convict the consciences of the whites. (As with "Uncle Tom." There were dudes like him all over the place, and they knew exactly what they were doing.) When the caste system is based on religion, that bit of leverage does not exist. I'm speaking as an American, who as a little girl in the sixties found all that civil rights talk spellbinding, and I didn't even know I was Serbian, or if I had known, what that meant. But the soul was still there in the family. Grandma was like a microcosm of the emotional damage centuries of caste system abuse will inevitably produce. So me and dad didn't know anything about being Serbian, but we knew everything. I'd like to know, does this make any sense to Serbs still in what grandma called 'the Old Country."  (Jan 17, 2013 | post #1)


srbe na vrbe

"Srbe na vrbe" Has that phrase just been said so long that people have become inured to it, or do you really want to lynch me? My understanding it was coined during a progromme after the first world war started, when one million Serbs were murdered in relation. Check out Wiki. http://en.wikipedi rb_sentiment But this can't be racism. These are our cousins, way more closely related than just the same race. How can such a family ever get out of this hell?  (Nov 3, 2012 | post #7)


Croatians are just Catholic Serbs

Would it be safe to surmise that someone from Croatia, who was Orthodox, was actually an ethnic Serb living in Croatia? Is this something that someone, in the US in the 70's, who was knowledgeable about Balkan culture, would have known?  (Oct 29, 2012 | post #141)