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Aug 17, 2014


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Westbury, NY

Review: Auto Gallery Imports

DO NOT BUY HERE **RIP OFF* SAM K IS A SCAMMER This is by far the worst deaer experience i've had ***PLEASE READ*** I drove 2 hours on my birthday looking for the car I had seen online, a Mercedes c300 for $23,000 They showed me 5 different cars all 25k n up and said the one I had called about the SAME DAY had been sold. I figured I would go with the 25k one but my budget was $400 a month They wrote down all my information and made me wait about 45 minutes. Came back with "great news" . after running my credit I had been "APPROVED " with my credit for the $400 monthly payment but I had to add another $1000 on the down payment. I really wanted the car so I decided to accept the deal. Once I gave them $4000 cash they took me to the biggest scammer ever . PLEASE REMEMBER THIS, SAM K IS A SCAMMER. Once in the room with Sam he kept acting shady with another of his indian co worker who kept coming inside the "financial " room to check up on the process. They said I needed to fill up some applications and then just kep telling me to sign some papers. Thats after being there for 2 hours and a half 6pm on a Monday Then finally I had to sign the loan application which said the car was going to cost me $31,000 on total From 25,000 to 31????????? When I asked them they said it was because of the extended warranty (which I never said I wanted to add) and a $3,500 for bad credit... WAIT, THEY NEVER TOLD ME MY CREDIT WAS NOT GOOD ENOUGH AND HAD NEVER MENTIONED THE $3,500 FEE FROM SANTANDER BANK (BY THE WAY , SAM K HAS AWARDS FROM WORKING WITH SATANDER ON THE ROOM, THEY WILL RIP YOU OFF) I WAS NOT SATISFIED WITH THE CONTRACT AND MADE A BIG DEAL ABOUT IT THEY KEPT TELLING ME THAT WAS JUST A FEE AND THE CAR WOULD BE 28 AFTER PAID , 31 WITH INTEREST! THEY TRICKED ME INTO SIGNING A DIFFERENT PAPER WITH OUT THE FEE, GAVE ME QUICK COPIES AND TOLD ME TO DRIVE OFF WITH THE CAR AND GO BACK THE NEXT DAY FOR A NEW CONTRACT WHEN I GET HOME I NOTICED THE COPIES HAD EVEN HIGHER NUMBERS, AND THAT THEY ACTUALLY FOLDED THE LARGE CONTRACT PAPER IN 3 PIECES HIDING THE NUMBERS AND MADE ME SIGN IT!!!!!!!!! THE NEXT DAY I WENT THERE TRYING TO GET THE NEW COPIES AND THEY SAID THAT I HAD ALREADY SIGNED IT AND THAT WAS IT OBVIOUSLY I WAS SUPER MAD AND WANTED TO RETURN THE CAR AND THEY SAID IN THE STATE OF NEW YORK THAT COULDNT BEEN DONE NOT TO MENTION MY MONTHLY PAYMENTS ON THE COPY WAS $675!!!! THEY ARE COLD HEARTED SCAMMERS AND DONT CARE WHAT HAPPENS TO U AFTER U SIGN THE PAPERS. I WAS BUGGING OUT AND WHAT HAD BEEN SOMETHING I RLY WANTED TO DO FOR MY 25TH BDAY TURNED INTO A NIGHTMARE THANKSFULLY I HAVE A GOOD INCOME AND AFTER WEEKS STRESSING SAM TOLD ME AFTER MAKING 4 PAYMENTS FOR 675$ HE WOULD REFINANCE AND ALL NUMBERS WOULD CHANGE AND I WOULD PAY $360 A MONTH PS: I RECORDED HIM SAYING ALL THAT WITH MY PHONE AND WILL SOON POST THE LINK TO THE YOUTUBE VIDEO, NOT YET UPLOADED.... IT HAS BEEN 6 MONTHS I BEEN TRYING TO CALL HIM TO REFINANCE HE NEVER ANSWERS ME, PLAY STUPID AND SAY HE WILL CONTACT SOME BANKS, MADE ME FILL A CREDIT APPLICATION AND HAS BEEN IGNORING ME FOR OVER A MONTH EVERY TIME I CALL HE IS BUSY OR LEFT EARLY BEST PART OF IT... I DECIDED TO REFINANCE BY MYSELF AND NO FINANCIAL COMPANYS WILL ACCEPT IT REGARDLESS OF HOW BETTER MY CREDIT IS BECAUSE THE CAR IS OVERPRICED!!!!!!!! !!!! THIS DEALER IS HORRIBLE , A BUNCH OF SCAMMERS TRICKING PEOPLE PLEASE READ MORE REVIEWS BEFORE WASTING YOUR TIME THERE SAM K AND AUTO GALLERY IMPORTS IN WESTBURY NY ARE SCAMMERS! SOON PICTURES AND HIDDEN RECORDED VIDEO  (Aug 17, 2014 | post #46)