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May 9, 2011

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Tewksbury, MA

john mccabe murder solved

Sorry John, I meant that I was trying to get the note I wrote to Johnny's family, not Maggie's.  (May 9, 2011 | post #15)

Tewksbury, MA

john mccabe murder solved

John, I just saw you posted and are related to Johnny. I posted this note to Maggie, trying to get it to her family. Maybe you could do so: I live in London, England and read Johnny's story in the New York Times. I tried to Google his parents, then came across this column and you. So I signed up in order to respond. I was deeply moved by Johnny's story, the efforts of his family, and then upon further reading, your efforts and those of his other friends. I just wanted to convey to John's parents and sisters a simple thought. Tewksbury and London lie in 2 different countries, thousands of miles apart. In those two countries many millions of people go about their day to day lives, but in their lifetimes, beyond their immediate friends and family, they rarely move others to thought and reflection. I want John's parents and family to know that Johnny, across all these years and across this ocean, has moved me in this way. His life, his story, their poignant memories of him as a boy growing up, such as how he would scream when he heard church bells thinking they were the ice cream truck, and the horrific tragedy that took him from them 41 years ago. I have thought about him many times since reading the NY Times story yesterday and reflected on the horrors of thoughtless bullying by teenagers that can have this result, and will do all I can to stop it if I ever hear of it. Johnny's memory lives on, and has inspired, taught and moved someone in a different country many years later. That is more than many other people achieve in their lifetimes. And I'm sure I'm not the only one that Johnny has touched.  (May 9, 2011 | post #14)