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Nov 20, 2013

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Liberty and justice

ALICE class may be involved in Muslim jihad here! Obviously, the number of so-called ALICE Americans, increased year on year, poses growing threat to this country's security. Recently it has been truly determined in one of reports for the United Way of Northern New Jersey (www.unitedwaynnj. org/outwork/alice. php) that representatives of the ALICE class have simply "caught between those in poverty who receive government support now and our stable middle class". But now the situation becomes even worse: although ALICE Americans continue working hard, every year most of them become poorer and poorer. And as the floor has dropped out from under the ALICE class here, it becomes nothing to lose for these people now! It follows that the ALICE Americans will be the ones, who are greatly interested in initiating various revolutionary changes of our society, eh? And what is even worse, they can easily be a target for recruiting by local Islamists, organized terrorist attacks here!! Surely, soon it will be much more difficult for local security officials to prevent bloody acts of terror in this country because of involving these inconspicuous fellows in Muslim jihad here!  (Nov 20, 2013 | post #2)