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Oct 20, 2011

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Key West, FL

Review: Living Dolls

Couples are Welcome Updated! My girlfriend and I went to Key West last June and found something really different to do. We went to Living Dolls and had a great time. This week (October) we went back to Key West and revisited Living Dolls. They have an all new staff and every one of them are kicken HOT! Just like last time they did not charge extra for couples. My girl friend chose a blond named Alexa. She is petite with long blond hair and very sweet. She took us back to a room where we all got naked. Alexa put on a real hot show, and once again my girlfriend got so turned on that she and I got it on with the other girl watching. Alexa said she liked to watch. That was A-OK with me! This was a repeat performance like we had last time. I know that we will be back. Thank you girls! We will tell our friends back in Southampton that they need to come down here to Key West and have a great and to be sure and check out the girls at Living Dolls!  (Oct 20, 2011 | post #32)