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Best HD Digital Picture Frame Reviews Hd digital photo frames refer to those digital picture frames that have high display definitions. Most of our digital picture frames on sale are hd frames. The only low res kind of digital picture frames on our website are our 7 inch frames with analog screens (480×234 pixels). While we also have 7 inch hd digital picture frames with digit screens (800×480 pixels). Hd digital picture frames can bring your pictures to life with their great clarity. Therefore, hd frames are the most popular and generally, are more expensive than the low res digital picture frames. The hd digital picture frame that we can offer are available in 9.7 digital picture frame, 10.1 inch, 17 inch digital picture frame and 21.5 inch. Actually, they are the clarity digital picture frames in four different screen sizes. Our 9.7 inch best hd digital picture frames have adopted exactly the same LCDs as the screens of iPad2. The 9.7 inch LCD is in the standard 4:3 ratio and has pretty high display resolution of 1024×768 pixels. Our 10.1 inch best hd digital picture frames have used 10.1 inch TFT LCDs, which have the highest resolution among the 10 inch frames. Their resolution is 1024×600 pixels, while the other two kinds of 10 inch LCDs, 10.2 inch and 10.4 inch, have resolutions of 800×480 pixels and 640×480 pixels, respectively. By the way, 10.1 inch LCDs are in the wide screen ratio of 16:9. Our 17 inch best hd digital picture frames have 17 inch portrait (4:3) LCDs that have 1280×1024 pixels. Our 21.5 inch best hd digital picture frame, the largest frame on our website as well, has a huge 21.5 inch IPS LCD with LED backlight. The ‘Super TFT’ LCD has pretty high resolution of 1920×1080 pixels and it is a widescreen. The LED backlight enables the frame to be quite energy consuming. In general, the clarity digital picture frame in four different screen sizes are our best hd digital picture frames and each one has at least one kind for you to choose. Some of them have other additional functions, such as internal gravity sensor to support picture autorotation and the function of HD videos playback. All of them are free shipping and customers are highly recommended to payment via the PayPal EC, which is faster and safer.  (Feb 21, 2013 | post #1)