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Dec 21, 2012

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Fair Lawn, NJ

Review: Shelli Van Lines Inc

PLEASE READ THIS REVIEW. PLEASE DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY. WE ARE DOING A HUGE FAVOR BY WARNING YOU TO STAY AWAY, We were only moving 5 pieces. We said in advance it was 3 flights walk up at pickup. After being quoted a price, we asked specifically whether there was an additional charge for stairs- the answer was no. We asked whether there was an additional charge to wrap dressers- the answer was no, it was all included. I told them it wasn't on the "estimate "...she said don't worry about it packing dressers in blankets is "absolutely included as part of the move". We asked whether there would be any other additional surprise charges at the end- the answer was unless the job went longer than expected, there would be no additional charges. I admit that the quote that they gave us sounded too good to be true, but I didn't expect the final charge to be more than 4X...yes, 4 times that of the original quote. They slapped on additional charges at the end like the stairs (which was suppose to be included)...and by the way, a landing between 2 floors, or even 3 steps to get to the porch is each considered a "flight" . So delivery to a second story home could be considered 3 flights of stairs! And by the way, the quote was for 3 men...yes, 3 men showed up but it ends up that one is only a driver so does not load or really it's only 2 men doing the moving which adds to your time. Trust me, these people are professionals at scamming and blatantly lying to customers. I honestly cannot believe that this company is still in business. I will be putting a complaint in with the BBB and hopefully enough unhappy customers will put this company out of business. We were so paranoid at the end, my husband video recorded paying the Driver in cash. Please DO NOT trust this company. They are misleading and dishonest. There are many reputable moving companies out there; it was our mistake to trust them based on a very low quote. Lesson learned...this was one of the worst experiences I've ever had with a company.  (Dec 21, 2012 | post #31)