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Oct 3, 2013

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Wanting to move to Greenville need some information please.

Got a family of 4 want to move from Anderson area to Greenville. The reason for the move is to find better work, more activity for the kids to find more adult activities. I need information on some of the job markets. I am currently a detention officer for the Anderson city police Department where I have worked for the past six years. I also have a military background. Looking for good neighborhood for 3 kids 1 teen and 2 preteens. Do not want directly in the city want to be able to enjoy the country life a little as well. I also need some information on grade school and middle school for the kids. I know I am asking a lot but this is a big deal for us. So if someone can lead me in the right direction I sure would appreciate it. If there are some web sites I could go on or anything else I could do to get started with my search to move to Greenville. Thanks in advance.  (Oct 3, 2013 | post #1)