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Apr 13, 2009

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What will the Redskins do in 2011? Here's a few possibili...

Hail to the Redskins! They improved their wins by 50% in 2010! But before we get really carried away with that, let's remember that 50% only computes to two more victories from the 2009 season. But honestly, that's okay! We have a brand new offensive, and defensive scheme in place, as well as a brand new head coach, offensive, and defensive coordinators, brand new people all over the team! Obviously, we won't be keeping everyone we tried to fit into this system, so here's what I think is not only doable, but prudent, and absolutely necessary to improve this team to become a playoff contender in not only 2011, but beyond! First: I've never been big on giving up draft picks for free agents, no matter how good a player is. There are some unrestricted free agents (UFA) out there, if the current CBA gets worked out, who could be grabbed up by the Redskins, and would be hard to unseat in the future. One, and probably most important to the defense is Haloti Ngata ... Best NT in the entire NFL, and an UFA from the Ravens! Whatever it takes to sign him, give it to him! He's worth it! Next, there's Tamba Hali. Great OLB, but plays the same side as "Sackpo! " And hey, while we're at it ... You announcers who get paid millions to be on the air, my man's name is O-RACK-PO ... Not O-RAP-KO! Get it right, would you please?!! You make all of us who have, or do play football, sound like morons! Keep that opinion of you to yourself, okay Troy A? Now ... Where was I? Oh yeah ... There is another choice at OLB, and our corps could learn a lot from him! Dave Woodley. A pure LOLB who would not only compliment Brian, but help to make him a premiere ROLB in the NFL! Together, they would be an awesome force to deal with! Carlos Rogers is fast, agile, smart, and can cover. Problem is, he can't catch a cold! We need a great shutdown corner to compliment DeAngelo Hall. Enter a disgruntled premiere shutdown corner from Oakland. Nnadamah Asomughah. Forgive me if I misspelled or mispronounced his name, but I think my point is clear, and I'm typing without my notes! Anyway, I've heard he's going to be expensive. But as Skins fans, I think we all know that Mr. Snyder isn't afraid to spend money if the product is good, and the only way this could be a better package, is if Clay Matthews were an UFA we could go after! Signing these UFAs would give us more options on who to sign in the draft. We have precious few draft choices this year, and I have an idea or two on how to get better there too! But that's another article! Hail to the Redskins! Peace  (Jan 19, 2011 | post #1)

Waldorf, MD

Marijuana - Waldorf, MD

I do support the legalization of Marijuana for several reasons, but most of all I think we should raise a heavy tax on it, and use those tax dollars to fight the hard drugs like heroin, and cocaine. Also, I feel we could use some of that money to aid in curing addict babies. They didn't have a choice coming into the world!  (Oct 20, 2010 | post #6)

Washington Redskins

2009 Fantasy outlooks: Washington Redskins

My friend ... To say the Skins suck, and call yourself a fan is to say you like sardine and peanut butter sandwiches! They just don't go together! I, am a die-hard, died-in-the-wool, always have been, always will be, Redskins fan! True, sometimes they're very disappointing, and that started in the front office. But "The Danny" has done some very good, positive things here recently. Getting rid of Cerrato was monumental! Hiring Bruce Allen, a football guy, and most-of-all, a legacy of Redskins glory days, was fantastic! The hiring of Mike "no nonsense" Shanahan as Exec. V. P. in charge of football operations, and Head Coach, was about as gutsy a move I've seen Mr. Snyder make, since he fired a pretty fair Coach in Marty Schottenheimer! (Forgive me Marty, if I misspelled the last name!) I don't know if you've been paying attention, but the Redskins organization is making wholesale changes in their football operations. From the front office, to the water boy, newer, and better fitting pieces are being strategically placed this season! As for the team itself ... Trent Williams at left tackle has been a beast for the most part. Ryan Torain looks like a legitimate replacement for C. P. at RB, "O Sackpo" is maintaining his superiority over opposing linemen. As the saying goes around here ... Everyone feels Brian wasn't held enough as a baby! And LaRon Landry, old "Dirty 30" himself, since getting back to his original position at SS, he has been a true predator! He's become one of the most feared Safeties in the NFL! Moving back to offense for a minute, how about the addition of this new kid, #13 Anthony Armstrong? That should give defenses a chance to pick their poison. Him, or the "Tana-Man! " One of them is going to beat you long! As I always say ... You're entitled to your opinion, but don't come around praising the Skins when they start understanding the offensive, and defensive schemes better. And don't forget, we still have options for the draft, and in free agency!  (Oct 20, 2010 | post #8)

Washington Redskins

2009 Fantasy outlooks: Washington Redskins

Hey Big Clark ~ Sorry this reply is late. Trouble with my P/C. But that aside, we never wanted to ride the "Campbell Train," it just sort of happened, ya' know? We now have a legitimate QB in Donovan McNabb, and by next season, the Redskins will be reaping the benefits of "Club Shanahan!" As to your other observations ... The Redskins have never had "Poor" Special teams play. Sometimes not up to par, I'll grant you, but "Poor," NEVER! Our O-line is improving a bit, and I'm very proud of the way Trent Williams is coming along! a few lucky breaks, and the Redskins will soon have an O-line that's a force to be reckoned with! The Portis situation is pretty much the same, only this year, we have a young guy named Torain! Make note of that name ... It'll be mentioned alot in the coming weeks by those in the know in the NFL! I appreciate that you're probably not a Redskins fan, and you're entitled to your opinion. After all, that's a freedom I fought for in Viet Nam for you to have! I thank you for reading my article, and I hope you'll continue to do so. But be aware ... I'm a die-hard Redskin fan, so I follow them religiously. I know what they've done, and where they've been. And I know where they're going as well! So, get used to it ... The Redskins are BACK!!!  (Oct 20, 2010 | post #7)

Washington Redskins

2009 Fantasy outlooks: Washington Redskins

Sorry this reply is so late, but your analysis of J.C. is correct! I can tell by Oakland's sparkling start this season! But now we have Donovan, the O line is improving a bit, and the kid is starting to look like a legitimate down-field threat! I'm happy to see A. A. starting opposite "Tana-man, " because he can get you some yards in a hurry! We need a little more patience though. This defense will work, once they get accustomed to how it operates, and hopefully we'll pick up #56 from the Chargers to help our pass rushing system! Thanks for your input!  (Oct 20, 2010 | post #6)

Washington Redskins

Davis wonders how Redskins' offense will change

Well, with another season down the drain, Redskins fans hope the latest "turn-around " for the 'Skins will be the one that proves to be magic! I've always liked Shanahan, personally. I think he brings with him, the ability to make these "superstars " accountable for all their actions, both on, and off the field. I've always disliked "Prima Donas" who think they're above the rules of the team! The ones who wear the number 26 comes to mind. No one is better than the next guy on the team, and I think "Big Mike" is just the guy to teach them that! They need to think, and act as one cohesive unit on the field, and act like men, and friends off the field. We need quality players. The kind of quality that "The Danny" can't buy! He needs to let Bruce, and Mike do their jobs, sit in his office, and cut the checks for the players these two men to get the caliber players we need to make this franchise what it was under the late Jack Kent Cooke. A consistent winner! Mike and Bruce can do this! We can be a little more patient so they can build a team to win every season! This is no pipe dream ... This is pro football!  (Jan 8, 2010 | post #1)

Washington Redskins

2009 Fantasy outlooks: Washington Redskins

You know ... I can't help but wonder, after reading this post, what the knock on Santana is for! Let's flip the coin for a minute. Santana Moss has been, without a doubt, the most covered wide receiver for the Redskins in past years. He can't catch a cold for all the defenders around him! And who has been the clutch receiver for the Redskins over this time? Granted, Chris Cooley is great, and Antwan Randel El has been a steady receiver, but when the chips are down, the "Go To" guy in crucial game situations has been Santana Moss. That's right, #89! And he has single handedly beaten teams with pure skill and guts! Something that many of our guys, sorry to say, show a definite lack of! So, let's get the record straight here! Santana Moss is an elite receiver, and if some of these other younger players will be able to contribute, Santana will show you why he's elite! Don't worry Santana, I've got your back!  (Jul 1, 2009 | post #1)

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