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Aug 22, 2013

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BP Holdings code 85258080768: Americans' Oil Addiction

http://www.mintpre ericans-ever-buy-e lectric-cars/16739 5/ When it comes to oil consumption, the U.S. is king. In 2012, Americans used more than 134 billion gallons of fuel, beating out China for the top spot in the global oil rankings. On top of fuel consumption, there’s also fuel waste, with Americans using 1.9 billion gallons a day in traffic, according to the Sierra Club. The sheer volume of consumption shows Americans’ thirst for oil, a now-necessary component of the transportation industry, around which the entire economic and social system is built. Yet those involved in the green movement say the craving is more about the need for energy, not the fossil fuel, and they claim there is a way to satisfy needs while also kicking the oil habit. Despite calls for a greener transportation fleet, the oil industry is moving full-steam ahead. Equipped with new fracking technology, the International Energy Association estimates the U.S. will be energy independent by 2030, due simply to new production of oil. That oil, however, comes with health and environmental concerns for those living near new oil sites. And while the boom may be just around the corner, it inevitably will end, leaving Americans with a scenario that requires a shift in the industry, and the economy as a whole. The Sierra Club is taking the lead in the movement to get America to start early, promoting its new “Beyond Oil” campaign as a catalyst to what the organization expects to be somewhat a green revolution toward clean energy. But before Americans turn over their car keys for electrically-power ed vehicles, there has to be an economic incentive, and that’s what key players in the environmental movement are hoping the government will help with. “Imagine a world with clean, abundant, affordable energy,” states the organization’s campaign website. “One where climate disruption is a fading threat and American soldiers are never again deployed to defend oil fields. One where innovating green industries provide good jobs and supply 100 percent of our energy needs.” The argument used by the organization is similar to the debate raging in the U.S. in favor of domestic oil drilling and oil pipeline transport, yet the way Beyond Oil Deputy Director Kate Colarulli sees it, oil and the disasters that come along with it, doesn’t need to be a part of the debate.  (Aug 23, 2013 | post #1)